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For travellers seeking restful sleep anywhere, this ergonomic travel pillow delivers. Avoid travel-induced neck aches and say goodbye to restless tossing and turning. The Memory Foam Travel Pillow is your ticket to sweet dreams at 30,000 feet or on the open road.

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memory foam neck pillowRest easy during your travels with this Memory Foam Travel Pillow. This cleverly designed pillow gently cradles your neck and head for optimal support and comfort while you Travel to your destination.

  • Soft, responsive memory foam conforms to your neck for customized support.
  • Breathable, cooling fabric keeps you relaxed and sweat-free.
  • Can be compressed for storage and postage, but will require a small amount of time and plumping to re-shape due to the memory foam.

The luxurious memory foam filling moulds to the unique contours of your neck, providing customized support and relieving pressure points. The breathable outer fabric keeps air circulating to prevent overheating.

For travel warriors who want to arrive well-rested and pain-free, this travel pillow is a must-have accessory. Avoid stiff necks and restless nights with the superior comfort of memory foam.

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