About Us


About Us

Panther Travel

We are a small business aimed aimed at bringing you useful and innovative items for travel and storage solutions. From day to day travel to holidays of a Lifetime, Panther Travel will have something to make your trip better, easier or more comfortable. 

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Our Business

Turning travellers into well-prepared jet-setters, Panther Travel prides itself on having everything you need for your next adventure, whether it’s a business trip or a beach getaway. Panther Travel offers an array of travel must-haves, from organizer cases to help keep your belongings in check to beach essentials and kids lunch bags. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Panther Travel has become a go-to for travellers looking to stay organized and make the most of their trips. Let Panther Travel ensure your next journey is seamless from start to finish.

Ebay Store

While Panther Travel uses the best payment systems available in Gpay, Apple Pay and PayPal to ensure your payments are safe and secure. We are aware that some customers prefer to use the larger platforms to purchase their goods. to that end we also have set up an eBay store  to sell our products.

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