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Seagate Game Drive for Xbox

Expansion 2.5 Pkg WW

Xbox Game drive by Seagate Despite the smallest Xbox One coming with 500GB of storage space, I’m sure many of you like myself are running low on available space. This is down to having plenty of apps to install, videos we have recorded and of course the games. Even games we buy on physical medie are required to be installed before we use them. This is because Blu-ray discs can … Continue reading

FIFA16 – 10 Best Dribblers


The Best Dribblers of FIFA 16 Following on from the list of the 20 Fastest Players in FIFA16 we now bring you the 20 best dribblers in FIFA16. Pace is one thing and can create a scoring chance on its own, but the ability to maneuver your way through a group of opponents with some silky skills should not be under estimated. Whether its done the wings or straight through the … Continue reading

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team


FIFA 16 is to be released next Thursday on 24th September. And as always a lot of the hype will be around FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) There are a few changes to this years FUT game, on top of the obvious player changes, stat changes and values of each player. In FIFA 16 there will be a FUT draft, a new game that allows you to select a player for … Continue reading

MKX Controls – Cassie Cage

cassie cage

MK-X Controls – Cassie Cage Cassie Cage is one of a whole class of new characters to appear in Mortal Kombat X. Not a great deal is known about Cassie Cage other than the fact she is the Daughter of Long standing characters Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade Cassie Cages Variations Hollywood – This variations gives Cassie a set of Shades very similar to that of her farther. While in this … Continue reading

FIFA16 – 20 Fastest Players


Fastest Players in FIFA 16 The release of FIFA 16 is within touching distance and as always some of the ratings of players are being released so you can decide who you want in your ultimate team. And from the beginning of the FIFA series people have always been interest in the fastest players on the game. Having pace in your side either on the wings or up front has … Continue reading

MKX Controls – Johnny Cage


MK-X Controls – Johnny Cage Johnny cage is a Mortal Kombat veteran, consistently appearing in the games character line up. Husband to Sonya Blade and the farther of Cassie Cage. In Mortal Kombat X, he has three variations for different fighting styles, A-List, Stunt Double and FistCuffs. Johnny Cages Variations A-List – Charge up Johnny’s special attacks to unleash punishing combos. Want to play tricky? cancel special moves to throw off … Continue reading

Mortal Kombat X Controls – Xbox One, PS4

Mortal Kombat X boxes

 Mortal Kombat X controls – PS4 and Xbox One  Mortal Kombat X offers the great Fighting game combined with the cinematic graphics and effects, while still maintaining the factors that made the franchise so popular from its earlier iterations. New Characters compete with greats from the past such as Sub-Zero and Scorpion, and as always these all come with there own special moves, fatalities and Brutalities. In this guide we show … Continue reading

Unlock Very High Streaming Quality from Xbox One

xbox one

A few days ago we showed you how to stream games from the Xbox One to any Windows 10 Device. Allowing you to play all of your favorite Xbox One games on your PC, Laptop and Surface Device. Your Laptop for example doesn’t even have to be all that powerful, because all the processing is still done by the Xbox One. All you need is a decent home network and a … Continue reading