FIFA 17 Top Free Kick Takers


From 30 Yard screamers to the ability to pick out your tall striker in the middle of a bunch of defenders, these guys are the FIFA 17 top free kick takers. To get to the top of this list the players will have to have a combination of shot power, shot accuracy and passing ability. Free kick taking is a hidden attribute so here we have the top 10 free …

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FIFA 17 Top Passers

fifa 17 best passers

Having the best strikers is great, but you need to create chances for these strikers. The List of FIFA 17 top passers is the list you need to read in order to get the best play makers in your side. The greatest passers can unlock defences with a single ball. They can ping the long ball in a perfect location for a counter attack. They don’t give the ball away …

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FIFA 17 New Legends (Xbox Only)

FIFA 17 new legends

New Players are inducted into the FIFA hall of legends every year. This year is no different with 10 more players added to the legends list. The FIFA 17 new legends are available only in Ultimate Team and are exclusive to the Xbox Platform. Legends have no league or team connected to them for the purposes of team chemistry . Legends will gain chemistry with any league instantly giving you …

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FIFA 17 Top 10 Defenders


Playing FIFA 17 isn’t all about just scoring goals. No really there are other parts to the game as well. Namely stopping the opposition from scoring goals. We all know that’s not the most glamorous part of the game. It is however just as important. FIFA 17 top 10 defenders are the ones you need to be seeking out for your Ultimate Team. These defenders posses the skills required to …

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FIFA 17 top rated Shooting and Shot Power ratings


The FIFA 17 top rated players lists are coming thick and fast and today we bring you the top rated shooting and shot power lists. The shooting rating is a visible rating for every player and is displayed on the player card. Shot power is an invisible stat and is a contributing factor to the overall shooting rating. Because shot power is an invisible stat we don’t yet have the …

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PlayStation 4 software update 4.00 details

PS4 and controller

An update for the PlayStation 4 software is available now. This is the biggest software update for the PS4 this year and comes with a nice array of new and improved features. The current update takes the version to 4.00. Whenever a company rounds up a version number you know that its got some big new things involved. Update 4.00 does two things. It brings in the new features which …

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FIFA 17 Fastest Players – Top 20


If you want to take FIFA 17 back to old school football, then this top 20 is for you. Here we have the FIFA 17 fastest players. This is certainly the list gets gets a bulk of the attention other than the overall ratings.  Pace is a part of football which is very rarely under estimated. Having players with pace can get you beyond defenders it helps recover against attackers …

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