Hanging Clothing Protector – Suit Cover / Dust Cover


Keep your important clothes protected from dust, dirt and spills with this hanging clothes protector. Whether its a suit for a work presentation or a dress for a night out. Keep your item in the best possible condition. These clothes protectors are also great for hanging storage in your wardrobes, protecting them from the wear and tear of being inside a packed wardrobe.

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Protect Your Precious Garments While You’re on the Move With This Clever Hanging Clothing Protector!hanging clothes protector - Large Size

  • Zippered translucent cover keeps suits, dresses, and other garments dust-free and wrinkle-free
  • Large size (120cm x 60cm) fits most garments with room to spare
  • Lightweight material allows garments to breathe while blocking dust and dirt
  • Requires a coat hanger for hanging in wardrobes and storage rails

No more arriving with wrinkled, dusty clothes after long trips! This brilliant Hanging Clothing Protector is the perfect travel companion for the clothes-conscious jetsetter. The zippered translucent cover creates a protective barrier around your garments, keeping them clean and neat while being compact enough to toss in a suitcase or garment bag.

The ultra-lightweight material allows air to flow so your clothes don’t get stale, yet blocks dust, dirt, and debris from settling on fabric. Now you can pack that crisp white shirt or delicate cocktail dress without worrying about it getting crushed or soiled as you dash to your destination. Frequent travellers and busy professionals will love this closet must-have for keeping wardrobes pristine during trips near and far. Stop letting your precious clothes get battered and beat up, and get the Hanging Clothing Protector for peace of mind on the go!

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Dimensions 120 × 60 cm

Cream / Translucent




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