6pcs Luggage packing cubes, pouches / Lightweight – Suitcase storage organiser


6 packing cubes of different sizes to keep your suitcase fully organised while on your travels. Have everything ready to unpack whilst preventing all your clothes from moving around the suitcase and getting creased and wrinkled. Incredibly lightweight, these packing cubes will not add much weight to your suitcase.


Luggage cubes - sizesKeep your travel essentials organized with these 6pc luggage packing cubes/pouches made from durable polyester and nylon materials. The ultra-lightweight design makes them easy to pack and carry, ensuring that your luggage stays neat and tidy throughout your journey. Use them to separate your clothes, toiletries, and other items, so you can easily find what you need without having to rummage through your entire suitcase. Ideal for any traveller, these packing cubes are a must-have for anyone looking to make their travel experience more convenient and stress-free. So, whether you’re going on a short weekend trip or a long-haul flight, these cubes will help you stay organized and make the most of your time away.
  • 3 cubes and 3 pouches to keep all of your suitcase perfectly organised
  • Ultra Lightweight¬† – The whole setup weighs only 200grams
  • Packing cubes feature a mesh top for easy viewing of items without the need to open
  • Cube sizes – Large (37cm x 29cm x 10cm) Medium (33cm x 26cm x 10cm) Small (30cm x 19cm x 10cm)
  • Pouch sizes – Large (33cm x 24cm) Medium (26cm x 22cm) Small (25cm x 14cm)

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 37 × 29 × 10 cm

Grey, Sky Blue


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