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Google Voice Search Commands

google voice searchMy Asus Transformer tablet has this morning been upgraded to the latest version of the Android Operating System, Jellybean. What I've been having fun playing with is of course the Google voice search function, that competes and i dare say defeats Apple's Siri voice assistant. What i will go through in this article is the things that you can do with the voice search facility apart from the ability to search Google without typing which is kind of obvious :)


If you have allowed Google to know your location then checking the weather is as simple as, well, asking Google. You can ask the question in a number of ways and Google voice search will understand you and give you the weather forecast for the day or the next depending on what you have asked. Google will bring up the weather when asked the following questions.

"What is the weather today/tomorrow?"
"What's the weather like on <day>"
"What is the weather in <place>?"
"Will it rain today/tomorrow?"
"Will i need an umbrella today?"

These questions will create a response from Google depending on the way the question was asked, for example if you simply ask for the weather Google will read out the weather forecast. If you ask if you need an umbrella then good will say yes or no to that question before telling you if rain is expected.

Directions / Navigation

Getting a map or directions is as easy asking telling Google where you would like to go or telling Google what you are looking for, i.e.. certain shops/restaurants. to get a map and a location of a certain place simply ask

"Where is <question>" or "where is the closest <shop / bar / restaurant etc.>"

As well as this if you would like to get directions to a specific place you can ask Google to get you there by road or by foot. simply ask Google

"Go to <place>" or "navigate to <place>"


Google is learning all of the time, if you want to know a piece of information such as how tall is a certain building is then this type of info is being added to Google voice search all of the time. To get this information you need to ask Google a simple question as you would another person

"How tall is the Empire state Building?" or "how tall is Kobe Bryant?" will get you the desired results.

How tall things are obviously isn't the only thing that Google will tell you it also has the information of company directors of major companies birth and death dates of famous people as well as there ages etc. Again a straight question will yield results from Google voice search.

"When was <person> born?" "when did <person> die?" "how old is <person>?" "Who is the CEO of <company>?".


google voice sports

 Nice addition to this app will be the sports news and results features, currently however it only seems to work with baseball. Asking for a baseball teams last result or next game will get you a quick run down of that information. Im sure more sports will be added as demand for sporting results especially is high all around the globe.

"Did <sports team> win today?"

"Do <sports team> have a game today?"

Alarms and Reminders

Setting a morning alarm or an alarm for a reminder during the day is very simple. For a clock alarm simply say

"Set Alarm <time>"

For a reminder say "Remind me to <task to be completed> at <time>"


A feature would i would like to see more of is the ability to launch applications on your mobile device via the voice search function. At the moment however you can launch your music application and specific song or artist play saying the tunes your wish to listen to.

"Listen to <song / Artist>" "play <song / Artist>"

google voice search for smartphonesConversion

Converting one unit to another is common practice for Google as people take to search engines to do this type of calculation, this will be why Google has added this feature into its voice search functionality. You can achieve the conversion you like in a couple of different ways

"Convert <unit 1> to <unit2>" or "How many <unit 1> are in <unit 2>"

Other features

A few other features are present in voice search which you may find useful. The basics as i mentioned before is that you can perform a simple search by just saying whatever it is you wish to search for as if you were typing it. For a specific definition of something however use the term "define"

"Define <word to be defined>"

World time is also included, all you need is the city you wish to know the time in and ask Google,

"What time is it in <city>"

texting and calling can be launched from Google voice search, as well as the ability to email yourself a note.

To call "call <contact>"  to text "text <contact> <message>"

in order to e-mail yourself a note "Note to self <note content>"

And just for a little bit of fun your can also tell Google to do a barrel roll or to tilt the results page, why? well why not?

"Do a barrel roll" and "tilt".

The system is not perfect as none of the voice recognition software is but its far from bad, Google voice search can recognise a number of accents and deals with them well, more features are being added all of the time and this is a proper competitor to Siri and beats in in many occasions especially in speed as it seems that the processing involved with Google voice search is smoother and more efficient which produces the results of your queries faster on most occasions.

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