As an Xbox One user, you can now try out the Beta version of Titalfall, simply select Titanfall from the demo section on your Xbox One and try it for yourself. It should be noted that they expect some server issues with the beta version since it has become an open beta, but stress that there will be many more servers when the full game is released.


Just downloaded the beta version of the game and played online and this game is well worth getting, if you like Call of Duty Style games but always wanted that bit more from it then Titalfall will give you that little bit extra, that little bit of Sci-fi that some of you will really enjoy. The addition of the Titans makes this game a whole new style. and tatically you have to deal with more scenarios. This is very much an arcade specialality, If you like realism with your FPS games then this isnt your cup of tea but if Action is what your after then Titanfall duely delivers, I wasnt sure about this game before I had chance to play it and now its a must buy for me. Well played for releasing an open Beta because I think you are getting to get many more sales because of it.