Must be one of my favourite series of games, the Devil May Cry series bring something that no other game seems to be able to capture, it really does have its own style. If youve played these games you will know what we I mean. So the good news is the next in the series in due for release in two days time on January 15th. This is a prequel sequal as it sets Dante bac k into his earlier days telling the stories thet were before the first devil may cry release. Dante Comes face to face with the characters that shaped him into the man he becomes. He meets Characters from the previous games as well as all new people and demons to battle

The developers have drafted in some of the franchises previous staff in order to make sure that this latest addition to the series is true to the franchise and offers the same action and style that the previous titles offered. Battle through with Dante calling upon both his angelic and demonic powers at will while still using the sword and gun combinations that give you the style points in this unique to DMC gameplay.

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