OK i figured i'd let you all in on my next PC build, this is the first time i'll of built my Own PC from scratch and i want to share my experiences with you all here and maybe get some good tips from the more experienced folk, OK so the plan is to build myself a RIG that will completely destroy all conventional PCs and be a powerhouse for digital photo and video editing as well as gaming.

OK heres what i am aiming for spec wise:

Intel i7 2nd Gen processor with 6+ cores (the best one available)
64GB Ram
Windows 7 or higher
2GB Graphics or higher
2TB Hard drive or higher
256gb SSD or higher

OK the first thing on my list was to get myself a Case that would support all the needs i had and which offered the best cooling for the best price, after many hours trawling through reviews and researching i managed to find the perfect case to house my monster and i asked santa claus very nicely if i may have it for christmas, which i did get and here is is the "Coolermaster HAF X Gaming Case kkn1 rc942" as pictured below:

The case itself costs £129 from E-bay

So now that i got my case i wanted the best motherboard i could grab which i can tweak and overclock later on or use defaulted and again after hours of research and looking at many reviews i found this beauty which i've ordered and having delivered tuesday, i give you, the "Asus Sabertooth x79 with thermal armour".

The motherboard costs £252 from Ebay

Now that i have the bones of the monster i'm looking at what to fill this beast with, i'll need a good power supply, some fast DDR3 RAM and either 1 or 2 Graphics cards and 1 or two HDD's with an SSD ontop, oh and some additional cooling fans and maybe watercooling but not sure about that just yet.

Anyway what do you guys recomend for DDR3 RAM, i want the fastest possible and i need them in 8GB sticks. i've already spotted some nice HDD i'm going to purchase next month and a nice SSD drive i'm going for but i'm not entirely sure what i should buy next, do i go with the Proccessor first or could i leave that till last?

I'll Keep you updated with how things are going in this thread and any problems or experiences i've had with the RIG i come up against.


Just purchased my new power supply unit which is as follows:

Corsair AX1200 Professional Series AX 1200W ATX/EPS Fully Modular 80 PLUS Gold PSU: £195.50 at amazon.co.uk

Also bought one part of my mega ram set which is as follows:

Corsair Vengeance 8 GB Memory 1600MHz RAM DIMM 240-pin DDR3 SDRAM PC3-12800 CL10

£35.98 at Ebay.co.uk

Total Cost thus far: £612.48