The Heart of Fire (Console Update) Neverwinter

Neverwinter - The heart of Fire

The Heart of Fire is the latest release for Neverwinter. Approximately 4 months after the release of this module on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players can now update the game and play the latest release. The Heart of Fire update comes with a number of new items and changes from the new campaign to play through to a massive re-work of the professions mechanic and lots of little tweaks in between.

This is Neverwinters 15th module to come into the game and its expected to add around 5 weeks of play time to the average player to complete the campaign. 

Acquisitions Incorporated

Acquisitions Incorporated logo

Acquisitions Incorporated is the name of the new campaign in Neverwinter, it is now one of only 2 campaigns that follow the player through the levelling up process. It is unlocked at level 15 and cant be completed until level 70. The only other campaign to do this is Tyranny of Dragons. Now new players and your new character will have a second campaign in the early levels that requires attention all the way through the levelling process.

To get started in Acquisitions Incorporated, head back to Protectors Enclave and see one of the posters dotted around the area offering you a job in the blacklake district. You will get your first quest and be on your way. The campaign currency doesn’t sound like much, getting paid in acorns and wooden tokens. But the company will take them as payment none the less.

Armario Clavus is out of a job

Armario Clavus dungeon key masterOne of the changes that module 15 the Heart of Fire has brought into the realm is that a daily dungeon key is no longer required in order to open the dungeon chest at the end of your dungeon run. Armario Clavus was the dwarf who gave you a free key every day. His services are no longer required. And while he is still standing outside the Seven Suns Costa Market like he always did, he is no longer a character that you can interact with.

Every non-legendary dungeon chest can now be opened by every player on every dungeon run. This means that you will get a reward for every dungeon run without having to wait for a new free key each day. Now Neverwinter is trying to reward you for playing more. You will also get a repeatable Astral Diamond bonus for each random queue you join. 

Its not all good news however as there has been a change to salvage system as well which kind of negates the extra rewards given by the dungeon chests. All this is depending on your play style and time playing Neverwinter of course. 

Changes to the Salvage System

Previous to module 15 the high tier items that you didn’t require could be salvaged. The process involved taking you item to the market and standing by the anvil opening your inventory and selecting the items you wished to salvage. Items were then converted into Astral Diamonds (AD) and the item was then destroyed.

Since the module 15 update this whole salvage operation has been scrapped. No more astral Diamonds for your gear. They can be converted into Refinement points (RP) but many players will agree that this is not anywhere near as useful. 

The reasoning given for the change is that it was decided that it would now be easier to “drop” high tier items into chests etc as rewards without having to worry about the economics of the game (basically the amount of AD and Zen in the game). And it would also be easier to tweak the rewards given in chests if required as they were not attached to AD.

To offset this direct Astral Diamond rewards are being given for dungeons, heroic encounters and overflow experience rewards for level 70 players. Once again suggesting that playing all parts of the game will give you the most AD rewards.

Professions Re-Work

The professions in the way that was previously done is now dead. It has had such a major re-work that it will feel like you will be starting from scratch again. However there will be some rewards given for the hard work that was put in to the previous professions in the way of exchanges and credits. 

The professions re-work is quite a large change so I will be doing a short piece on it separately to this post.

Class Balance updates

As with most updates in most MMORPG’s these updates come with the obligatory class balance updates. These updates aim to make sure that each class is evenly balanced and so gets a similar amount of players playing with each class. As things change in the game elsewhere the classes can become more or less effective and more or less desirable. So each module tries to correct a few things, balancing power, animation times, recovery, healing etc etc. Arc Games created a forum post for all of the changes to each class. so select your class below and see what has has changed. It might effect how you play or what abilities you use. 

ManyCoins Bank Heist

The Manycoins bank is under siege and its the task of yourself and your group to defend the bank. The latest Skirmish to hit the rotation with the Acquisitions Incorporated update is the ManyCoins bank heist.

During the skirmish random portals will open throughout the bank spawning monsters who are after the vault. You and your team must protect the vault from being breached at any cost.

The attackers are called the Zhentarim and they have come with Rust monsters to breach the fortified Manycoins bank vault. To help you and your fellow adventures fallen Zhentarim can drop explosive runes which when placed will detonate on proximity of the enemy damaging and knocking them back away from the vault. This could be the vital seconds you need to protect the vault. 

Rewards are based on the performance of the adventurer. To get the best performance in the first two phases of the skirmish it will based on stopping the vault from taking any damage. In the third and final phase, performance would be based on permanently closing the portals.

K-Team Dungeon Challenge

The Heart of Fire update brings a different type of challenge to Neverwinter. Acquisitions Incorporated believe that you don’t need all the latest equipment to get the best loo from the biggest dungeons. To this end the K-Team Dungeon challenge invites you to take part in a dungeon run with only the basic levels required to complete it. This option will be added to the dungeon queue list. 

There is also a second option, marked as “hardcore mode”. Hardcore mode takes you to the same dungeon with your party but there is a twist. If any of your party dies even once you will be forced to restart from the beginning. 

Are you up for these challenges to get the biggest of rewards? Join the queues from the main queue screen once you have unlocked the dungeon.

Good luck Adventurer !

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