The Feast of Lanterns

Live now in Neverwinter s the week long Feast of Lanterns. This festival is to celebrate the new lunar year or Chinese new year. Protectors Enclave is a wash with Chinese lanterns and massive Firework displays. The far east has made its week long mark on Neverwinter.

As always there are things to be done around Protectors Enclave to make the festival the best it can be. And also there are rewards to be claimed that can only be claimed at this time of year, so Make sure you don’t miss out.

The Feast of Lanterns is running from January 31st to February 7th, finishes feb 7th (7am PT on PC, 10am PT on Console)

Feast of Lanterns Quests

As with all festivals, there are things to be done in order to keep the party going and in Neverwinter that is no different. A selection of repeatable quests are available and a few special rewards as also available to collect for your troubles.

comfort for cowardly dogsComfort for Cowardly Dogs – With all the fireworks going off in protectors enclave, the dogs of the city are feeling a little nervous. All they require is a little bit of comfort. Search Protectors Enclave for these dogs and give them a gentle petting and calm them down.

Rewards  – 12 Lunar coins (also a new Pet Emote on the first completion)


feast of lanterns red envelopesRed Envelopes – The celebration of the new lunar year comes with a tradition of giving, often to the younger generation. Continue this tradition by taking red envelopes with gifts to the fledglings of Neverwinter. Look for the the Fledgling combatant, buyer, refiner and dungeoneer. 

There has been some early confusion about where to find the fledglings. So here is where you can find them. The fledgling combatant is to be found straight down the stairs from the quest giver and behind some boxes on the left. The fledgling Refiner is to found outside the Sage’s shop. The fledgling dungeoneer is located inside the seven suns coster market. And finally the fledgling buyer is located next to the auction house. 

Rewards – 7 Lunar Coins

Nightly Fireworks  – This quest can only be accepted once every 24 hours. There are 4 sets of Firework mortars located near the hall of Justice. Go to these and load the fireworks then head back down below and stand with the other revellers to watch the fireworks

Rewards – 1 Boar Token

Festival Vendor

feast of lanterns festival vendorBoar Coins will get you the Boar Shoat Companion when you reach 12. Lunar Coins are the currency for the other 4 available rewards. The New Years Boar Mount, a standard mount with the usual 50% speed increase. Fireworks to let off whenever you see fit then Mochi and Niangao which are both foods to give buffs in battle. 

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