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Neverwinter Professions workshop changes

With the heart of fire update came a very large change to the way that professions work in Neverwinter. Under the old system you selected your profession and provided you had the correctly skilled worker and the resources required for the task, you would select the task and wait a set amount of time for it to be completed. It was simple it worked and knew what you needed to complete the task. It was however somewhat unsatisfying in many ways. You selected what you want from anywhere at any time, but the tasks often took a while to complete.

The massive overhaul of the profession system has meant that the majority of your profession assets and resources are now redundant. After following the quest line for the new profession system you will be invited to trade all of your old assets and resources for credits to buy tools for the new system. You will also get applications for the new “artisan” role depending on how high up your previous professions were.

You are now in charge of the workshop in Protectors Enclave. Crafting tasks will be mainly carried out in this building. The workbench is used to select which items to craft. A delivery box is available for your gatherers to deposit resources and for the artisans to drop of items they have created while you have been away. In the workshop there is also a dispatch board, from this board you assign the adventurers the gathering tasks that are required. And finally there is the office desk, from here Artisans can apply to work in your workshop and it is also possible to dismiss artisans already applying their trade in your workshop.


Artisans are your team of skilled workers, they have the same skills as before only with slight name changes, weapon-smiths for example are now blacksmiths and some other subtle changes. The only major difference is that the leadership profession no longer exists and has been replaced by gathering. Gathering is now the way you will collect resources for your artisans to craft with.

Once you have done all of your exchanges you can start to take on some artisans to work for you. Each Artisan will have their own skill set and special skill. Unlike the previous system you don’t automatically have access to every profession. In order to do any crafting on a profession you will require a hired artisan of that profession and a tool for that profession of the required level. For example to craft a piece of basic leather, you will require a Leather worker artisan, a cutting knife tool of the correct level and the resources required to craft the item in question. All basic resources can be gathered, the rest can be created from these basic resources if your level is high enough.

It is possible to have many Artisans for one profession type and none for another. While this will help rank up one of your professions quite quickly in the early stages, it will become apparent that some of the items you require come from the other professions. You choice is to either hire an artisan with that skill or buy and trade for the items you require.

Artisan Skills

Neverwinter workshop profession artisans

As we mentioned early each of the Artisans will have their own skill set. By this we mean they will be rated differently on 4 things. Focus, Proficiency, commission and speed.

Proficiency – The Proficiency rating of your artisan goes towards the success rate of the crafting task. Under the new profession system, not every crafting task will be a success. The more difficult the task the higher proficiency is required to stand a good chance or crafting the item

Focus –  The Focus rating sets the chances of getting a higher quality item. A base level of focus is required to attempt the task, then a higher focus rating will give a greater chance of crafting a high quality item.

Commission –  Your artisans are in your employment, they do not work for free. However some artisans will charge more than others and some might even offer a discount on the standard rate for their craft.

Speed – If the workshop has reaming morale then tasks can be done instantly. Once that morale has been used however each task will have a required time to complete. Your artisans may however be quick at their work and do these tasks in less time, other more methodical and take longer than average to complete the craft.

Deciding what you require is essential when it comes to hiring and firing your artisans.

Artisan Special Skills

The special skills of the Artisans give a chance to do something a little extra to help in the workshop. They range from doing the crafting for free to instantly creating the items. These are the available skills your Artisans could have.

  • Dab Hand: 5/10/15/20/25% chance to receive double results on most recipes.
  • Recycle: 5/10/15/20/25% chance to keep all materials in the case of a failure.
  • Passion Project: 5/10/15/20/25% chance to negate the commission cost of a task.
  • Miracle Worker: 5/10/15/20/25% chance to complete a task instantly or without consuming morale.
  • Virtuoso: 5/10/15/20/25% chance to profit from the effect of a slotted supplement without consuming it.

Common Questions

Q – I’m Trying to craft items that i have all the resources for but the game is still saying I don’t have the resources to craft the item.

A – One of the main reasons for this is that your inventory contains high quality items and no standard ones. In order to craft your item you must select the resource that the game suggests is missing and use the increase high quality materials option (Triangle on PS4, Y on Xbox). This will allow your item to be crafted.

Q – My profession isn’t level 10 yet and I cant craft any of the lower level items. I cant buy the tools for less than level 10

A – Fortunately you do not need to buy the tools for the low level tasks, the previous owner has left them for you. On the right hand side of the workbench is a stack of crates which can be interacted with. In here will be a selection of basic tools to get you started.


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