Xbox One Update March 2016 – Preview

xbox oneAnother update is due for the Xbox one this march and there is quite a few things to go through this time. The update is currently in Preview stage at the moment so it will be available to preview members to test before going live on all systems. So what do we have to look forward to this month? The highlights include the ability to buy backwards compatible Xbox 360 games in the same way as you purchase Xbox One games. And the ability to add party chat to twitch broadcasting.

Buying backwards compatible Xbox 360 games

Lets start with probably the biggest update in this months package and that is the ability to purchase the Xbox 360 games that are backwards compatible (full list of compatible games are here). A bit like the Xbox Live Arcade idea that the Xbox 360 has this feature will let you purchase games that may not be considered premium games and will more than likely have some decent pricing on them to get a few extra sales.

Adding party chat to Twitch

According to Major Nelson, this was the most asked for feature from Xbox feedback. So now when you are doing a Twitch broadcast and you are in a party chat, you can invite the people in your party to be part of the broadcast. Not everyone is heard though, if a party member decides that they don’t want to be part of the twitch broadcast, they can decline the invitation and they wont be heard. This doesn’t mean that the rest of the party wont hear them though. they will still be part of their original party.

 Choose party chat output

Another feature connected to the party chat is the ability to choose which device your party chat audio is sent to. Your choices are headset, speakers, or both. So if you prefer to only have game audio coming out of your headset and speech out of the speakers that’s now up to you. A bit of trial and error here could determine what you like the best. To set this up head to Settings >> Display and Audio >> Volume. Party Chat has also been increased to 16 people max instead of 12.

More options with Game DVR

Previously when recording game clips you have been limited to 30 second clips. Now you will have a few options for short clips and for longer ones. The options now will be clip lengths of 15 seconds, 30 seconds or 45 seconds. And now longer clips can be recorded with lengths of 1 minute, 3 minutes or 5 minutes. To change your settings for recording, go to Settings >> Preferences >> Game DVR and Streaming.

Video playback direct from the activity feed

You will now be able to watch entire video clips directly from the Xbox One activity feed, this means you don’t have to leave the feed in order to watch the videos, similar to the Facebook style, watch the clip and continue scrolling through your feed. You will get full video controls as well, pause, fast forward and go to full screen will be available. Liking videos can be done on while watching as well by pressing the X button on your controller.

Other items in this months update include, Xbox 360 achievements appearing in the activity feeds, Ability to follow web links and YouTube links from game hubs. Compare Avatars with friends and see where they got the clothing and accessories from and where to buy them. Changes to the reputation interface so that only profiles with “needs work”or “avoid me” will be highlighted.

We will let you know when the Xbox One March 2016 update is available on all consoles.

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