Xbox One April Update updated details

xbox oneThe first part of the monthly Xbox One April update has been released to the testers. 3 things have been announced and send out to the Xbox preview program testers. There have been improvements to the Party Chat system, the Game hub and the achievement notifications. Possibly a smaller selection of updates in terms of how much it changes the Xbox experience but they are improvements and it is only half of Aprils improvements as that’s the way Microsoft like to release the updates to the testers.

Party Chat Updates –  The update to the party chat feature of Xbox Live involves troubleshooting. This update will give your Xbox the power to help you find out any issues with your Party chat. It can alert you to any network problems that may be causing the chat not to work. It will alert you to Kinect settings that may be wrong in terms of chat, and any Privacy setting you may have enabled that also are preventing you from successfully starting a party chat.

Game Hub Links – User can now more easily get links to the game hub content such as screenshots, clips and achievements directly from your friends activity feed. So if your friends like a game its easy for you to see what your friends are playing and be able to find out about it.

Achievement Notification Improvements – While playing games on the Xbox One every so often you will meet one of the requirements in a game to earn yourself an achievement, a little notification pops up and tells you which achievement you’ve just done. The problem was always the fact that it only gave you the title of the achievement. If you wanted to find out exactly what you have achieved you had to go in to your achievements lists and find out what it was you did. Now with the April upgrade you will not only get the title of the achievement but also the short description about what you did to earn it. An example of a small but useful improvement.

More updates to be announced before the release so keep checking back.

*Update – The second wave of details has been announced

Voice messages – The messenger app will now allow you send voice messages to your friends. They can then open the message when they are next online, in the same way as leaving a voice mail on their mobile phone. The best part of this feature is the ability to send messages to your friends on both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles.

Dedicated party chat servers –  Adding dedicated party chat servers will help with the reliability and quality of the party chat feature. People had been experiencing problems with the party chat not connecting and poor quality of voice communication. These servers will help in both instances.

Whats on Improvements – The UK and Canada will both get the Whats on experience recommendations that the US has been getting fora while and the staff picks section will be more tailored to games you currently play on your Xbox One.

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