Xbox Live Games with Gold February 2017

After what many considered to be a bit of a slow month on the free games for both the Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Xbox users will be pleased to know that February’s line up looks a lot better. As always 4 free games are on offer and this games are free as long as you have an active Xbox Live subscription. Also as usual the Xbox 360 games are backwards compatible and as such are available to Xbox One players. This months Games with Gold are as follows.

Games with Gold February 2017 Free Games

Lovers in a dangerous spacetimeLovers in a Dangerous Spacetime (Xbox One Feb 1 – Feb 28)

A 1-4 local multiplayer co-op adventure. Take control of lasers, turrets, shields and thrusters to defeat the evil forces of anti-love. Sounds a bit cheesy we know but this will take you back to what arcade games were all about. Sitting together on the sofa having a laugh.

Project CarsProject Cars – Digital Edition (Xbox One Feb 16 – March 15)

The digital edition of Project Cars come complete with the limited edition upgrade DLC pack, offering a 5 more limited edition cars. Project Cars is a beautiful immersive racing simulation with a host of different motorsports to try. Add in a top notch track roster and dynamic weather conditions, along with in depth car tuning and pit stops and you have a truly brilliant racing sim, and for free.

Monkey Island 2Monkey Island 2 : Special Edition (Xbox One/360 Feb 1 – Feb 15)

Time to jump back in to pirate life with the swashbuckling adventures of Guybrush Threepwood. Searching for treasure on the mysterious Monkey Island, Win back the damsel in distress Elaine Marley all while battling the evil zombie pirate LeChuck. Good luck 🙂

Star Wars The Force UnleashedStar Wars: The Force Unleashed (Xbox One/360 Feb 16 – Feb 28)

A story set between Star Wars episode III Revenge of the Sith and Episode IV A new hope. Star Wars The Force Unleashed puts you in the place of Darth Vaders Secret apprentice in an unexplored saga between the two episodes. Unleash the force and defeat the Jedi masters and all who stand in your path.

For those that keep track there are 3200 gamerscore points on offer with these games. Check out the official release video to see the games, Enjoy 🙂

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