Windows 10 free upgrade even for pirates

Windows-10Windows 10 could be upon us as soon as this summer, and this release has been touted as a free upgrade from Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows mobile. The real story here though is that Microsoft has confirmed that even Pirated copies of these versions of Windows will be able to complete the upgrade. Bear in mind here that only the upgrade version of Windows 10 is said to be free, so really the operating system is not being put out there as a totally free piece of software. it will still be licensed.

So If you have an illegal copy of Windows 7 for example can you now have a legitimate copy of Windows 10 on your computer? Microsoft has recently spoken out on this issue, and the short answer is no. the long answer however is a little more confusing. If you currently have an illegal copy of Windows, you will be able to Install Windows 10 on your computer. The Windows operating system however will still “know” that you have an unlicensed copy. What this means is that even though you now have a new operating system on your PC, it will still be classed as unlicensed my Microsoft. This will probably mean trouble getting security updates and patches as well as new features etc. as they become available. You would also not be eligible for any type of support. Microsoft has also stated that regular messages about the unlicensed nature of Windows and each hour the screen will go black as a reminder.

But if you’ve been living with an unlicensed copy of Windows 7 / 8 are you going to be that bothered about having an unlicensed copy of Windows 10? I’m guessing most won’t be that troubled by a few messages telling them something they already know. For the majority of us with proper copies of Windows, if Windows 10 is any good the idea of getting the upgrade for free will be a welcome gesture from a company which is having to evolve with the changing times


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