Unlock Very High Streaming Quality from Xbox One

xbox oneA few days ago we showed you how to stream games from the Xbox One to any Windows 10 Device. Allowing you to play all of your favorite Xbox One games on your PC, Laptop and Surface Device. Your Laptop for example doesn’t even have to be all that powerful, because all the processing is still done by the Xbox One. All you need is a decent home network and a reasonable internet connection.

When you are streaming your games from your Xbox one there are three quality settings available, low, medium and high. But it has been recently discovered that you can force the Xbox App to give you a very high streaming quality option that is not available by default. In order to unlock this option you will need to a little bit of tinkering, follow the instructions below.

  • Ensure the Xbox App on Windows 10 is closed
  • Open File Explorer, then copy and paste the following location: C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Packages\
  • Scroll down and open the “Microsoft.XboxApp…” folder
  • Open the folder LocalState
  • Right click the “userconsoledata” file, select Open and open with the notepad application
  • Change <IsInternalPreview>false</IsInternalPreview> to <IsInternalPreview>true</IsInternalPreview>
  • Open the Xbox App and stream from console. Click the ((o)) button in and select the “Very High” option.

Information found at Gamespot.com

As seen below you should now be able to select very high quality in the game streaming settings

verh high streaming

It should be noted that using this very high streaming quality option significantly increases the load on the home network with a reported 18-20Mbps required of consistent throughput. This is because the very high streaming option will attempt to stream your games at 1080p resolution. Best not to have anything else running on your network if you can help it. For tips on how to achieve a better stream see our post on Streaming Xbox One games to Windows 10 devices

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