Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 520

Turtle beach ear force stealth 520 box

The Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 520 is a fully wireless 7.1 DTS Surround sound headset. Designed for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 consoles. This headset is designed for the true gamers with features such as Turtle Beaches SuperHuman Hearing tm. Giving players the ability to hear enemy footsteps and even gun reloads in the distance. This in turn provides total immersion in the game. The fully wireless headset allows for a comfortable experience without the worry of getting tangled. No more problems of wires not reaching your seating position. Independent volume control allows for changes to gameplay and chat volumes.

Turtle Beach Stealth 520 Features

  • DTS 7.1 Surround Sound – Total immersion in games. Hear exact locations of enemies, vehicles and much more.
  • Super Human Hearing – Perfect for FPS games, this mode allows players to hear the faintest footsteps and weapon reloads. Never be surprised as even the stealthiest players will struggle to sneak up on you.
  • 50mm High Quality Speakers – Booming low frequency effects and crisp high frequency sounds are equally stunning with these cans.
  • Dynamic Chat Boost – Team communication is automatically boosted when required so your team always gets to hear whats going on, even in the midst of battle.
  • Mic Monitoring – No need to shout down the Microphone as you will be able to hear the volume of your voice and adjust it accordingly.
  • Sensitive adjustable Boom Mic – Gives clear in game chat and can be switched off for other purposes such as listening to music or watching films.
  • Quick Charge battery – Charge the Stealth 520’s in around an hour and then get up to 15 hours of gameplay.
  • Independent game audio – Separate the game audio from the chat audio to get your own comfortable level. (PS4 Slim users read on for how to get this to work on your console)
  • Superior Headset Design – Super Comfortable leather over ear design combines soft cushioned ear pieces with noise cancellation for the ultimate experience.
  • Mobile Compatible – 35mm headphone jack is included to allow compatability with any standard mobile device allowing the Stealth 520 headset to be used for listening to music or watching films on mobile phones and tablets.
  • Audible voice prompts – The Ear Force Stealth 520 headset will keep you informed on what you have selected with audio prompts. You will always know what settings you have activated allowing you to keep in the game without having to take off the headset to check the settings.
  • Turtle Beach Audio Presets – Don’t want to fiddle with all the settings? No Problem, Turtle Beach has you covered with a range of presets to suit every occasion.

PlayStation 4 Slim Users Note

The Introduction of the PlayStation 4 slim model brought many improvements to the console including lower energy usage and a space saving design. This design however did come at a small cost, the cost was the removal of the Optical out socket on the back of the console. The removal of the Optical out jack does mean that the Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 520 will not be able to use the independent volume control without an update and a different setup. If you are owner of the PS4 Slim model you have a few options.

  1.  Just use the USB port for connection to the Stealth 520 headset. This is a Simple solution but does have its drawbacks. Independent volume control will no longer be available but both chat and game audio will be available through the headset. 7.1 DTS Surround Sound will not be available nor will the SuperHuman Hearing sound mode or dynamic chat boost functions.
  2. Download the Firmware Update which enables varying Mic control. This replaces the indepenent chat volume feature with a new feature set compatible with the PS4 Slim model. The Firmware update also adds virtual 7.1 surround sound so you can keep your surround sound modes active.
  3. Plug the Optical cable directly into your TV, if your TV has an Optical Output this option will allow for all the Stealth 520’s features to be used. Should your TV be separated from the console by any distance, a separate Optical cable may be required as the one provided may not be long enough. The provided optical cable is only 0.6M long

What the reviews are saying about the Turtle Beach Stealth 520 Headset

Reviews for the Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 520 Headset are generally Positive. Customer reviews from Amazon show more 5 star ratings than all other star rating put together, so that is an obvious sign that people are happy with the product. The first thing that becomes obvious about this headset is the fact that the setup seems to be easy. Either people are commenting on how easy it is to setup or at the very least not saying that setup was a problem. In terms of Sound quality it seems that the majority of people rate the stealth 520 as a good set of headphones for a wireless setup and compare them to a mid range wired headset. Its apparent that the people still perceive that wired headsets produce better quality when it comes to audio.

Value was the big winner, while there may well be better quality headsets out there the fact that the Turtle Beach Stealth 520 is a sub £100 device makes the value of the product exceptional. Top quality headsets can go into multiple hundreds of pounds and the improvements are seen to be minor compared to headsets of this price bracket.

The downside from the Amazon reviews seems to center around the 7.1 aspect of the audio. A few people are stating that they do not notice the 7.1 surround nature of the audio. It is unclear however if they have the correct setting in place or if the surround is indeed not that well received. Some reviewers however correctly point out that headphones with 7.1 surround will not be the same as a proper 7.1 surround sound speaker setup around a room.

Professional reviews seem to mirror the Amazon reviews on this occasion. Total Gaming Addicts saying the Stealth 520’s are a breeze to setup. Also the sound quality is usually found in more expensive headsets. The reviewer in this instance did state that the SuperHuman Hearing feature proved to be more of a hindrance than a help. Although they did say that the feature did work correctly. They also state that these were the best available Headphones for the PS4 in their price range.

Gaming Illustrated mirror the views of the ease of setup straight away. Then they go on to say that no compromises have been made with the sound quality. Then a reference to the subtle sounds that can be heard through the headset, presumably the SuperHuman Hearing function. While they say it increases your awareness, the reviewer does say it didn’t make them a better player. Maybe its just a nice effect. Only the real hardcore gamers will be able to use the function with much benefit. Build quality is said to be comfortable and lightweight. Seemed to look like it could be flimsy but showed no signs of breaking.

Overall the Turtle Beach Stealth 520 Headset is one of the best you can buy for under £100. It should be considered a good purchase for anyone with a PS4 or PS3 looking for a new headset. But be aware if you have the PS4 Slim model as you may have to tinker with the setup to get it to work correctly. This is due to the removal of the Optical out jack.

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