Titanfall DLC now free forever

Titanfall_box_artTo celebrate the anniversary of Titanfall, Respawn was offering all the Titanfall DLC for free to anyone who has bought Titanfall but didn’t have the DLC this was on the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and on the PC. It was now confirmed that the DLC will remain free for anyone in the future who decides to buy Titanfall. This may be a way to sell a few more games to entice those who haven’t yet decided to buy the game or it may well be a change of business plan similar to the way that the Evolve game has gone, which was offering all the extra map packs for free but charged for customisations like weapon and character skins.

Either way if you haven’t got a copy of Titanfall just yet, then now may well be the time to get it. Not only will it be much cheaper now than least year but will all the DLC for free it becomes a great value game. And if people start buying games because the DLC is free we may see this approch from more produces in the future.

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