The Division Controls and Controller Layout

Tom Clancys The DivisionTom Clancey’s The Division controls for Xbox, PS4 and the default key bindings for the PC version. Your adventure starts as Division agents fighting a conspiracy, a man made virus and those that created the virus. The Division is a tactical shooter like all of Tom Clancy inspired games. This means that your health is important, you cant just go Call of duty on the game running and gunning everywhere. You have to take your time calculate your moves and execute them perfectly. It is also an RPG style where levelling up and getting better equipment and other loot items are essential to progress through the game. While there is a set story to follow and conquer, The Division also has an open world element for you to explore. You will need to explore in order to get enough experience and loot to beat the main game.

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The Division Controller Layouts (Click to Enlarge)

The Division controls PS4The Division Controls Xbox One

The Division Controls

Action PlayStation 4 Controls Xbox One Controls PC Controls
Character Movement left-thumb Left Stick xbox left thumb stick Left Stick W / A / S / D
Camera Movement Right Thumb Stick Right Stick xbob right thumb stick Right Stick Mouse movement
Sprint left-thumb Left Stick (press) xbox left thumb stick Left Stick Shift
Aim L2 playstation button Left Trigger Right Mouse Button
Fire R2 right-trigger Left Mouse Button
Switch Weapon
Primary / Secondary
Triangle Y button 1 / 2 or mouse wheel to scroll weapons
Switch To/From Handgun Triangle (double tap) Y button (double tap) 3
Vault Circle B Button CTRL
Climb Circle B Button CTRL
Enter / Exit Cross A button Space Bar
Change Cover Cross (hold) A button (hold) Space Bar (hold)
Roll Cross (double tap) A button (double tap) Space Bar (double tap)
Reload square X Button R
Cancel Actions Circle B Button
Interact square (hold) X Button (hold) F
Loot All square (hold) X Button (hold)
Mark Target dpad-up dpad-up
Grenade dpad-left dpad-left G
Grenade Types dpad-left (hold) dpad-left (hold) G (hold)
Emote Menu Dpad-down (hold) Dpad-down (chat) Enter
Use Med Kit dpad-right dpad-right V
Consumable Menu dpad-right (hold) dpad-right (hold) V (hold)
Scope L2 playstation button + Right Thumb Stick Right Stick (Press) Left Trigger + xbob right thumb stick Right Stick (press) Tab
Melee Right Thumb Stick Right Stick (Press) xbob right thumb stick Right Stick (press) Tab
Skill 1 l1 Left bumper Q
Skill 2 r1 Right Bumper E
Signature Skill l1 + r1  Left bumper + Right Bumper T
Inventory  ps4-options-button (hold)  X1-menu-button (hold) I
Map  Touch Pad  x1-options-buttons M
Menu  ps4-options-button  X1-menu-button ESC

Here is a quick game play tips video explaining the controls in The Division and how to use them to stay alive and conquer the game in the early stages. Well worth a watch if you are playing for the first time or need a little help mastering the initial controls.

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