So you got banned from pokemon go. 

The banning orders have begun. And all those with their ill gotten gains have started to have them revoked and those 3000cp dragonites have started to be removed from your local gyms. But this article isn’t about telling you all that. You already know that. What I’m interested in is why people felt the need to cheat in the first place. Why are people risking getting banned from Pokemon Go.

I’m not a Pokemon fanatic I haven’t watched all the cartoons and I don’t have stuffed Pikachu’s and Snorlax’s sprawled over my bed or in the back seat of the car. But the game itself has somewhat interested me. The game is different and beyond the usual “it gets you out the house” it still appealed because it had several ways to play the game. You could go out and try to catch a many different Pokemon as you could and see who has got the most out of you and your friends. Or you could try and take over the gyms and go for a more battle type game building up your best Pokemon to rule your local area and everyone will know your username as it sits proudly on top of the gym. Or you could casually play it as it fits in with your fitness routine of walking or jogging.

It is obvious however that this is not enough for some people as they have found various software (which we shall not be linking to here) and in some cases hardware in order to cheat the game. Cheating in itself is not new. Its happened as long as any form of competition has been about. But cheating has often been about a risk reward balance. The rewards for victory can be great and some people are drawn to break the rules in order to win.  I’m not going to harp on about moral grounds here either we all know cheating to win is only for the real losers. The people who cannot really do what they are trying to do. But that aside I have a question. What does cheating pokemon go actually get you?

You get all the Pokemon! Great. Now what? You didn’t get them properly so the is no sense of achievement there. Your mates with undoubtedly know you’ve cheated so they won’t be impressed. They will know your a lazy git so there is no way you’ve been walking the streets that much in order to catch everything. Then you might get caught and banned which probably won’t bother you because you never really wanted to play the game anyway. So why did you cheat? Seriously I’m interested in the answer to this because I’m completely missing it.

Is it because you want your Pokemon on the gyms? If so then you will receive poke coins and stardust to enhance the game that again you never really wanted to play. Do you wish for people to see your name on the gyms and think whoa this guys really good at the game, because they won’t. They will think whoa this guy has cheated massively to get that this quick.

All I can conclude is that it must be some sort of eternal desire to be noticed. And with that being the case, just stop it. While in some games you ruin the game for yourself in this game you are just ruining it for everyone else. If your one of the people I’ve described then you probably don’t care, but at least I’ve stopped you cheating long enough to read this blog post.

An interesting read from someone who has cheated (and since been banned) to get to level thirty – Confessions of Pokemon Go Cheat.

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