Seagate Game Drive for Xbox

game driveXbox Game drive by Seagate

Despite the smallest Xbox One coming with 500GB of storage space, I’m sure many of you like myself are running low on available space. This is down to having plenty of apps to install, videos we have recorded and of course the games. Even games we buy on physical medie are required to be installed before we use them. This is because Blu-ray discs can not be read quick enough to get the data to the console when playing the latest games. We can use Cloud storage of course, but that doesn’t work for the game installs which are by far and away the biggest users of storage space on your Xbox One.

The Answer? An external hard drive. Using the USB 3.0 port on your Xbox One you can increase the storage space on your console. There are many external hard drives on the market that will work on your Xbox One, but here we have one from Seagate who have designed this model specifically for this purpose. This is the Game Drive.

The Game drive from Seagate weighs in with a hefty 2TB of storage which will hold about 50 Xbox One games. 2TB that is 4 times the size of the standard Xbox One and twice as big as the new Terra-byte version. So you will never be without enough space to add that next free game that comes on Xbox Games with gold, plus you will able to store other media on it such as videos, music and those all important game saves and recordings of your finest gaming moments.

The Game drive uses USB 3.0 which means it can transfer data up to 10 times faster than the previous and now old USB 2.0 standard. USB can transfer a theoretical 5Gbps (640MB/s) while USB 2.0 External drives top out at 480Gbps (60MB/s). Your Xbox One comes with 3 USB 3.0 Ports meaning you will get the most out of the Seagate Game Drive when it comes to speed.

Another plus of the Game Drive is that it doesn’t require a power cable to function, it takes all the power it requires from the USB port meaning this device is truly portable, no carrying a power cable around with you. Why would you carry your Xbox external hard drive you ask? well the Xbox One allows you to put your downloaded games onto a drive such as this and take it to a friends house. All you need is to log in on there console with your credentials plug in your Game drive to the USB port and your game library is available to play on their console. Add to that the slim dimensions and the weight of only 249 grams and you can slip this easily into your coat pocket when your on the move.

Expansion 2.5 Pkg WWSetup is easy, as soon as you plug in the device your Xbox One will recognize the drive as an external hard drive and begin the setup process. You will simply have to format the hard disk, name it so it can be recognized by yourself in a list of drives and away you go. It is worth noting that although the Game Drive was designed to work with the Xbox One it will work with the Xbox 360 with no problems, and can also function as a standard external hard drive plugged into any PC or laptop.


Name Seagate Game Drive
Capacity 2TB (2 Terra Bytes)
Connections USB 3.0
Model Number STEA2000403
Colour Green
Weight 249 grams
Dimensions 18.8 x 13.8 x 4 cm

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