Samsung T1 External USB 3.0 SSD

Samsung t1external ssdSSD’s have been around for a while now and even the very early models were offering some brilliant performance upgrades over the the humble hard drive. As technology evolves of course then the improvements just keep on coming. The latest SSD offering from Samsung pushes these improvements on to a new level. With the benefits of USB Samsung claim that the T1 external SSD can reach speeds of upto 450MB/s in the Lab. Real world performance as always will vary but anything close to even half that speed would be lightning quick. Read more about SSD’s

The improvements dont just come in the for of speed though. This External SSD comes in 3 different storage capacities, 250GB 500Gb and a staggering 1TB, previously only seen in traditional hard disk drives. The T1 is also ultra portable. At only 71.0 x 9.2 x 53.2 mm in size the T1 SSD can fit easily into your pocket, bag or even your wallet. So your data is always on hand. You may still have to carry the supplied USB 3.0 data cable around also which is probably more cumbersome than the T1 itself.

The design of the Samsung T1 external SSD is sleek and lightweight at only 30 grams you will hardly notice it in your pocket, this enhances the portablility of the device. However it does use a plastic shell to make sure the weight stays down. While the plastic is strong it does make the T1 feel a little bit flimsy. You cant of course have both solid build materials and have the lightest weight possible. Samsung with a lot of its devices across many of different product types have gone with the plastic cases, not least its Galaxy phone range (up to the S6 which has gone with the aluminium body)

The T1 SSD also comes with an AES 256 security algorithm which protects all you data on the drive so you can be confident in the security on the T1. All your data can be locked with a password and set so this password is required before any access to the SSD is granted. The hi level encryption means that the drive is is secure against hacking. Just make sure your password is of a decent strength with numbers and Capital letters as weak passwords is the easiest way to lose your data to cyber criminals or the common thief.

Technical Specifications

Capacity: 250GB, 500GB,  1TB
Interface: Compatible with USB 3.0, 2.0
Dimensions (WxHxD): 71.0 x 9.2 x 53.2 mm
Weight: Max. 30gram
Transfer Speed: Up to 450MB/sec.
UASP Mode: Support
Encryption: AES 256-bit
Security: Password setting (Optional)
Certification: CE, BSMI, KC, VCCI, C-tick, FCC, IC, UL, TUV, CB
RoHS Compliance: RoHS2

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