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Ryse Son of Rome was the release title for the Xbox One. Just recently it has become the headline game for the Xbox Live Games with Gold free games program (April 2017). And as we havent done a controller guide for Ryse as yet. Now would be the best time to add it to the list. Many people will able to Ryse for free and we are here to make sure you know how to play with the controls guide and controller layouts for the Xbox One.

In Ryse Son of Rome you play the part of Marius Titus. Who while fighting to defend the honor of Rome, also is out to avenge the death of his family. Ryse brings the real brutality of Roman warfare to the Xbox One.

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Ryse Son of Rome Controller Layout (Click to Enlarge)

Ryse son of Rome controls Xbox One

Ryse Son of Rome Controls

Action XBOX Controls
Movement xbox left thumb stick Left Thumbstick
Sprint Press xbox left thumb stick
Camera Movement xbob right thumb stick
Lock on (Ranged)
Deflect A button
Use A button
Revive Teammate (Gladiator) A button
Evade B Button
Sword Attack X Button
Heavy Sword Attack Hold X Button
Push Y button
Break Obsticle Y button
Heavy Push Hold Y button
Execute Enemy right-trigger
Use Focus Power Xbox Right Bumper
Taunt (Gladiator mode) Left bumper
Troop Orders (Campaign) Left bumper
Pilum Quick Throw  + right-trigger
Charge Weapon (Ranged) Hold  + right-trigger
Load Scorpio Hold right-trigger
Auto Target Scorpio right-trigger
Fire Scorpio Release right-trigger
Throw Weapon (Ranged) right-trigger
Select Excursion (Campaign) Dpad-down,dpad-left,dpad up,
Use Elixir (Gladiator) Dpad-down,dpad-left,dpad up,
Menu Xbox Menu Button
Hero Update View Button

 Note that some controls are only relevant for the campaign and some are only applicable when in Gladiator mode.

For a more in depth look at the combat system for Ryse : Son of Rome check out the official Xbox combat video below

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