Rocket League Controls – PS4, Xbox One, PC

Rocket League ControlsRocket league has become a bit of a sensation out of nowhere, with a small games company coming up with a game that took the PS4 by storm. Combining next generation console graphics with a game that is simply fun to play, Rocket League gives you hours of pick up and play fun. Here we will give you the Rocket League Controls you will need to control your car and pull of the moves required to win the match.

If you’ve not heard of or seen Rocket League, then its certainly worth a look, the idea is a game of football, but with an array of different vehicles all powered with rocket boosters to enable your vehicle to be launched across the pitch or launched high into the air to strike or save the ball. Game modes include, Solo play against the computers bots, team play with friends or season play where you can play against different team. These modes can be played in 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4 matches.

Rocket league is currently available for the PlayStation 4 and on the PC, with the Xbox One version in development and due for release on February 17th.

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Rocket League Controls (Click Diagram to Enlarge)

Rocket League ControlsRocket League Controls Xbox One
Action PlayStation 4 Controls Xbox One Controls PC Controls
Movement (steering) left-thumb Left Stick xbox left thumb stick Left Stick A/D
Free Look Right Thumb Stick Right Stick xbob right thumb stick Right Stick Mouse Move
Jump Cross A button Right Mouse Button
Rocket Boost Circle X Button Left Mouse Button
Power Slide (handbrake) square B Button Left Shift
Air Roll square B Button Left Shift
Ball Cam Triangle Y button Space Bar
Text Chat – Information dpad-up dpad-up 1
Text Chat – Compliments dpad-left dpad-left 2
Text Chat – Reactions dpad-right dpad-right 3
Text Chat – Apologies Dpad-down Dpad-down 4
Text Chat – Keyboard Touch Pad x1-options-buttons T
Brake L2 playstation button Left Trigger S
Reverse L2 playstation button Left Trigger S
Accelerate R2 right-trigger W
Voice Chat r1 Right Bumper F
Scoreboard l1 Left bumper TAB
Pause ps4-options-button X1-menu-button Escape

Advanced Controls

Double Jump CrossCross A buttonA button Right Mouse Button X2
Dodge (in direction of Left Stick) left-thumb CrossCross xbox left thumb stick A buttonA button Right Mouse Button X2 + A/D
Rocket Flight CrossCircle A buttonX Button Right Mouse Button, Left Mouse Button
Controlled Flight (Use Left Stick up and down after jump) CrossCircle left-thumb A buttonX Button xbox left thumb stick Right Mouse, Left Mouse  + W/S
Rocket Flight After Double Jump CrossCrossCircle A buttonA buttonX Button  Right Mouse Button X2, Left Mouse Button
Controlled Flight after Double Jump CrossCross,Circle left-thumb A buttonA buttonX Button xbox left thumb stick  Right Mouse Button X2, Left Mouse Button +W/S

Rocket League Controls – Tips and Tricks

Just starting out in Rocket League? Here are couple of great video’s for the beginner and the advanced user to help you master the rocket league controls and tricks to give you the edge in your matches. Video one is the basic tips with more advanced manoeuvres in video 2

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