PS4 software system update 2.50 details

ps4 logoA system update patch for the PS4 is due to land tomorrow (26th March 2015). Software System Update 2.50 will begin to land on PS4 consoles worldwide in the morning. This patch was anticipated update with a range of features to add to the PS4’s capabilities. These include a suspend and resume feature as well as new social and trophy features. So lets have a look at what Software System update 2.50 brings to your PlayStaton 4.

Suspend and Resume – This feature will allow you place your PS4 in to a sleep mode to conserve power but will keep your console and game at the point in which you were playing. By resuming your PS4 you will no longer have to re-load your game and re-load your save game as your PS4 will jump right back in to the action where you left it. Unless of course you were playing an online multiplayer game and then I’m afraid no system update will stop you from being killed.

Backup and Restore – The backup feature has been improved, now allowing you to back up all of your data to an external USB hard drive. You will be able to back up all of your game data, saves setting etc. as well as screen shots, video clips, patches and downloaded data.

Social Improvements – its now easier to search for friends who have linked there PlayStation accounts to Facebook, making it easier to get all your friends together on the PS4. You can now list your friends for a particular game in a new feature “Friends who play this” In this section you can find all the friends who have played a particular game and those who are playing it at that time, so you can team up and sort out online sessions with the friends that you know have the game you want to play.

Trophies – Whenever you earn a trophy the PS4 will now automatically take a screenshot for you, you may or may not think this is a useful feature but its going to be available to you anyway. Also you will be able to sort your trophy lists into “date earned”, “not earned” and “Grade” as well as the ability to remove games from the list with Zero completion to stop them from clogging up your trophy lists.

Other Improvements – There is more. Sony is adding 60fps support for remote play and for share play where the games involved also support it. A range of disability specific features and the ability to upload your videos directly to dailymotion with the share button.

As always the updates will come to your PlayStation 4 automatically so no need to search for the update, simply wait until its available.



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