PS4 system software update 4.50

PlayStation 4Its almost time for a significant update to the PlayStation 4’s system software. Update version 4.50 brings with it a list of features that will be welcomed by PS4 players around the world. Some of you who are in the beta program will get early access to these features now. The rest of us however can still see what we have coming very shortly. If you have signed up to the beta program, an e-mail with instructions on how to download the update to your PS4 will be waiting for you in your inbox. This is dependent on if you have been chosen to be a tester on this occasion.

What’s coming in the PS4 System Software Update 4.50 then? A range of enhancements to the storage, display and social aspects as well as an update to the PlayStation VR.

Whats new with the PS4 system software update 4.50

External Hard Drive Support – Upgrading the Hard Drive in the PlayStation 4 has been a job that many have undertaken. There are so many guides and how to’s out there now that anyone with a small amount of technical knowledge will be able to change the hard drive and upgrade. This update brings with it a better solution though. One that doesn’t involving having to open up your PS4. It also means that you wont have to swap the hard drive and transfer all the data from one to the other. Finally it means you are not limited to a single hard drive.

Simply plug in a USB 3.0 external hard drive and you will instantly have more space on your PS4. Hard Disk drives up to 8TB (TerraBytes) are supported. The PS4 system is capable of storing games and Applications on the External Hard Drive. User Saved files are only able to be to saved on the main Hard drive inside the PS4. Now there is no need to worry about changing the disk or worry about not having space to download all the free PlayStation Plus games that you receive every week.

Custom Wallpapers – Any screenshot that has been saved in a PS4 game can be used for the home screen wallpaper. This has been around on the Xbox One for a while but now it will be available to PlayStation players as well. The added advantage for the PS4 will be the possibility of editing the screenshot in the Sharefactory. This makes the wallpaper truly unique.

Quick Menu – Pressing the PS button on the DualShock 4 controller for an extended period of time brings up the Quick Menu. Update 4.50 brings with it refresh to the quick menu. The changes involve making the menu less intrusive on the gameplay area. A more condensed menu obscures less of the screen than before. also more party features have been added, creating parties, inviting friends and joining parties have been added to the quick menu, meaning there is no longer a requirement to open the separate party app.

Simplified Notification List – Before the update the notifications has several tabs for different items such as game alerts, trophies, and downloads. The notification list is now simplified with all notification in one place . It will also be possible to customize which notifications show on screen as pop up notifications and which will only be visible in the notification list.

Posting to the PSN activity feed – Directly post to the PSN Activity feed. Showing off your best gameplay moments, screenshots and basic text to the activity feed. Find this feed in various places around the PS4 software

3D Blu-Rays on PlayStation VR – If you love 3D movies and have the PlayStation VR headset, then this part of the update is for you. Update 4.50 brings the ability to play 3D Blu-Rays directly to the PlayStation VR headset in stereoscopic 3D.

As always minor bugs will addressed. Stay tuned for more information as its released.

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