PS Plus Free Games March 2016

playstation plusIf your waiting for you free games with your PlayStation Plus subscription then good news, we have the full line up of PS Plus free games for march 2016 that will available to you. As always the free games will be a mixture of PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita games. Also the result of Sony’s vote to play campaign is revealed as your first free playable game. As always in order to get your free games your PlayStation Plus subscription must be live. Once you have your subscription, head over to the store where the games will have £0 price tag on the 8th March.

First up the winner of the vote to play campaign, BroforceBroforce is a run and gun type shooter. A 2D adventure where big guns are the order of the day. Virtually everything in Broforce is destructible. To go with the fast paced action game-play there also a fun parody side as you will soon discover with heroes names such as Rambro and the Brominator. Broforce is available on the PS4. A a side note the two losing finalists on the vote to play campaign (Android Cactus and Action Henk) will be available at a 30% discount in the PlayStation store from march the 8th – 21st.

The second free game for the PS4 is Galak-Z, a 2 Dimensional space shooter with physics based elements and uniquely generated levels for a never ending game play experience. Each level will be randomly designed with enemies and traps. Originally released August 4th 2015, Galak-Z has very quickly made its way to the free games list for the PS4 so enjoy.

On the PS3 and we have The Last GuyThis is a aerial view game featuring high definition graphics of 14 of the worlds largest cities. The games plots sets the scene as the mass population of these cities has turned into fearsome monsters and you have to guide the survivors to the safe zones. You must do this before encountering any of the monsters on the way. Excellent navigation skills as well as using the available power ups will help you on your quest for survival.

Next we have Super Stardust HDAn old favourite and has been given away once before as a free game when the PlayStation network was having problems. Super Stardust HD is an upgraded version of the amiga classic super stardust. Flying above the planet you are protecting, you must overcome wave after wave of enemy fighters as well as asteroids which are on a collision course with the planet. Expect fast paced shooting in this one.

For the PS Vita we have Flame Over. This game is something a little different from the normal games you see about. In Flame Over you are a fire-fighter, the idea obviously to extinguish all the fires, save the people (and the cats) and at the same time managing your water levels. Don’t be fooled  by this game, it looks a bit cute when you pick it up but it gets intense once you start.

And finally we have Reality Fighters – This one can only be described as a bit weird. Its a street fighter style game but with a bit of a twist. Take a snap of yourself and insert it onto once of the characters before designing your very own out of this world fighter. Unfortunately reviews have been somewhat critical of the games substance, leaving players unfulfilled once the initial surprise of character creation has worn off. On the Bright side its free this month on PS Vita, so what have you got to lose.

PS Plus Free Games March 2016 Recap

  • Broforce – PS4
  • Galak-Z – PS4
  • The Last Guy – PS3
  • Super Stardust HD – PS3
  • Flame Over – PS Vita
  • Reality Fighters – PS Vita


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