Sony Selling Premium Storage for Digital Music- Really?

sonypremiumsoundsdxcSony has created a Premium MicroSD-XC Card which it is claiming improves the sound quality of digital music by creating less electrical noise. Currently in sale in Japan the MicroSD card is selling for up to 5 times the price of the standard version with the same capacity, so already we are looking at something that they are marketing as very high end. The problem lies within the sales pitch, Sony are claiming to improve the quality of digital music. Digital music as per described doesn’t suffer from noise by nature because its a large pattern of “Bits” that create the sound once rendered by the computer, phone, MP3 player or whatever else you are using.

So to quote an article by the Register last month, if your storage media is improving the sound quality of your digital files then it is actually changing the files themselves. That is not considered a good thing when you are not in control. changing files without your knowledge in the computing world is described as data corruption, doesn’t sound so nice now does it?

This of course is not what’s happening. Sony’s MicroSD cards are not manipulating the data you store on them, they may well have some benefits and probably do suffer from less electrical noise but this doesn’t change the quality of sound from an MP3 or any other digital music format. Much the same way as expensive HDMI cables don’t give better picture quality when they are working, the expense should come from the better build quality offering a better reliability over time. But to the Marketing Guru’s saying your cable will last longer doesn’t sell. Saying that it improves your picture quality gets people thinking, because they always want the best.

Maybe worth thinking about before you spend all that money on the next model up when your talking about digital products.

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