Pokemon Go update iOS 1.37.1 & Android 0.67.1

Pokemon Go logoThis latest Pokemon Go update is arguably the biggest to date in terms of features that are coming with it. Unfortunately that still doesn’t mean that player vs player battles are on the cards. That still seems a little way off. We do however have a big change to the way the Gyms are contested. There are also changes to the way the Pokemon on those Gyms behave. On top of the gym changes a new feature called Raid battles are being introduced, Gym badges are being brought in and some visual changes to the map screen and the nearby screen.

Here is a full copy of the iOS 1.37.1 & Android 0.67.1 update.

  • Gym features significantly updated to add the all-new motivation system.
  • New Gym Badge feature.
  • In-app and push notification system for Gyms.
  • Raid Battles, a new cooperative gameplay experience.
  • Four new items available only by completing Raid Battles.
  • Raids tab to Nearby screen.
  • Search functionality to Pokémon collection screen.
  • Visual indicator to unvisited PokéStops.

New Gym Features and the Motivation System

Currently the Pokemon Go’s Gyms are showing under construction, but once the feature is live the way that gyms are currently held will have had a major change. Firstly there will only 6 slots to add Pokemon and not 10. This of course will make the gyms slightly easier to attack and take over. The second change comes to the order in which players will attack the gym. No longer will trainers battle the lowest CP Pokemon first and work up to the most powerful. Now, when you battle a gym the first Pokemon you encounter will be the one that has been on the gym the longest. Essentially the Pokemon from the trainer that took over the gym. Then every subsequent Pokemon in the order they were introduced to the gym.

The motivation system is something totally new. It is in effect a health system on the gym where Pokemon lose motivation (and therefore Combat Power) The Longer a Pokemon has been on the gym the lower the motivation and the lower the CP. Once the Pokemon loses all motivation it is removed from the gym altogether. The Gym level has been removed altogether. The new goal is to remove the motivation from all the Pokemon on the gym. Of course you don’t simply wait for the Pokemon to lose motivation on their own (even though they will eventually). Battling and defeating the Pokemon on each gym will lower the motivation of those Pokemon much quicker.

Motivation is shown as a filled heart shape icon above the Pokemon. As the Pokemon loses its motivation the red in the heart is slowly drained away until the Pokemon is kicked from the Gym.

Pokemon Go Motivation meterNiantic has thrown in a way to keep your Pokemon on the gym and keep its motivation up high. Visit any gym that your team controls and select a Pokemon who’s motivation has depleted. You can now feed it a berry. Any of the berries that you posses are acceptable as they all give the same amount of motivation boost. Razz berries, Pinap berries and Nanab berries that are used when catching Pokemon are the same as the ones you will feed the Pokemon on the Gyms. Look out for the Golden Razz Berry as these completely replenish the motivation bar.

Raid Battles

Raid Battles are another feature that is brand new. They are currently not active so if you game is telling you that your not a high enough level then don’t worry. Think World of Warcraft dungeons when you think of Raids. They are team based battles set up so that individuals would find it near impossible to complete on their own. This encourages the team play aspect that Niantic has always wanted in Pokemon Go. Raids will have levels from 1-5. Higher level Raids will require higher level trainers and a greater number of trainers to complete the raid.

“Exclusive Rewards” are on offer for successfully defeating raid bosses. The specifics of these rewards are not yet known. However they are said to only be available by completing raids. A big question on the raid feature was “Is it possible to attempt a raid with a trainer from a different team?” The answer is yes. Niantic has said that there would be no restrictions on which trainers you can go to battle with in a Raid. So all of your friends, no matter if they are Mystic, Valor or Instinct can join you battling in a Raid.

Gym Badges

Gym badges work like little rewards for interacting with gyms on a regular basis. Fighting in gyms, defending them and feeding the current Pokemon in the gym berries will level up your gym badge for that particular gym. There are 4 levels of each gym badge Basic, Bronze, Silver and Gold. They are part collectable badges to add to the other you achieve throughout the game. They also have another function once you get the first level of the badge. There will now be a disc above the gym similar to that of a Pokestop. Spin it just the same as a Pokestop and receive some bonus items. 

Some of the updates have been included into the patch but are not currently active so don’t panic if your not seeing everything working after you have updated the game.

Be sure to check out what Niantic has changed with the Attack Bonus, Resistance and Immunity calculations for Gym battles.

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