Pokemon Go – Attack Bonus Changes 20/6/2017

Pokemon Go logoOne of the things that the Pokemon community disliked about the way battling worked in Pokemon Go was the lack of damage caused by the super effective attacks. Super effective attack bonus’ of course occur when a Pokemon’s attack type is classed as super effective against a particular base type. For example A Fire type attack such as flamethrower would be supper effective against grass type Pokemon such as Venusaur. Niantic has now made some attack bonus changes. Previously on Pokemon GO, super effective attacks would only cause 1.25x the normal damage. This alteration makes super effective attacks a little more “Super” by increasing the attack bonus to 1.4x. Double super effective attacks have also been increased from 1.5625x to 1.96x the attack power.

Not everything has been increased though, the STAB bonus (Same Type Attack Bonus) has taken a small decrease from a 1.25x to 1.2x. STAB bonus’ occur when a Pokemon of a specific type uses an attack that is the same as its base type. Example would be Pikachu using any of the Electric attacks in its arsenal.

Obviously there is a case where an attack can be super effective and carry a STAB bonus. The numerical bonus for this instance now is increased from 1.56x to 1.68x. Double super effective attacks with STAB will now give a whopping 2.352x bonus. The end result is when battling in gyms, using the correct attack type against your opponent has become more important.

Pokemon Go Gym Battle

Resistance and Immunity

Pokemon games not only have also had effective and super effective attacks but they also have resistances and immunities. Pokemon Go, like the effective attacks, started life with a very toned down version of these stats. But these have also had a slight alteration to make the gym battles a little more interesting.

Pokemon who are resistant to certain attack types would only take 80% of the damage. This has now been lowered to 71%. So attacks now do 0.714x the damage of the attack. Immunity to attacks which existed in all the other Pokemon games, did not originally feature at all in Pokemon Go. In fact Resistance and Immunity were treated as the same thing in terms of how much damage was dealt to the Pokemon. In mainstream Pokemon games, Pokemon with immunity to certain attack types could not be harmed by those attacks at all. This is not the case in Pokemon Go. They have introduced a second tier of resistance in place of immunity. If a Pokemon should be immune to an attack type it will only receive 50% the damage of that attack.

Also check out this months game update with some big new features on the way Android versionĀ 0.67.1 and iOS versionĀ 1.37.1.

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