Pokemon Duel Status Effects

Pokemon Duel status effectsThere are loads of different things can can happen in the relatively small play area of the Pokemon Duel battle arena. And during the course of the many battles between the Pokemon you will undoubtedly come across the many status effects that will come in to play. These effects will change the way your Pokemon will battle in the future. That is of course until the status is removed by a plate card or by being tagged by another of your Pokemon (Only some effects can be removed by tagging).

This guide will show you what each of the status effects mean to your Pokemon. Then you can best decide if you should still enter into battle with the effect in place. Most status effects don’t stop you from Battling you will just be weaker. Pressing on your or your opponents figures will display if they have any status effects currently active. From here pressing the name of the effect will show what its doing to your Pokemon. However all of this takes time. And from some personal experience this can cause you to lose valuable time as your 5.00 minutes run out and you lose a match because of a time loss. That has to be the worst way to be defeated. Better to learn what they all are and be ready.

Pokemon Duel Status Effects and how they affect Battles

Poison – Poisoned Pokemon have their damage reduced by 20 points in battle. For example if an attack with a damage score of 50 is spun and the Pokemon is poisoned it will only deal 30 damage.

Noxious – Pokemon with the Noxious status effect have their damage reduced by 40 points. The rules are the same as Poison but have a greater effect. This time if your Pokemon spins an attack with a damage score of 50 it will only deal 10 damage.

Paralysis – A paralyzed Pokemon will lose the smallest attack segment on the wheel. This segment will become a miss and be treated as such. If multiple attacks have the same percentage of the wheel segment, the attack which is changed to a miss is at random. Obviously this means that paralyzed Pokemon have less chance of landing an attack than before.

Confusion – Confused Pokemon do not get the attack the wheel lands on but the next move clockwise on the wheel. While this can be in your favor on occasion, normally the larger segments (and therefore the ones most likely to hit) are attacks. Confusion gives a good chance this will be moved to a miss or defensive move next on the wheel.

Sleep – Sleeping Pokemon cannot take actions except for simply moving around the board. They cannot attack and cannot surround Pokemon to remove them from battle. Sleep can removed by moving another of your Pokemon to an adjacent spot and tagging it.

Frozen – Frozen Pokemon also cannot perform actions, they can battle but all attacks will be a miss. Like sleep the Frozen status effect does not prevent the Pokemon from moving around the board. The Frozen status can be removed by switching out your Pokemon in battle or after an opponents battle against you is resolved.

Burn – Pokemon that are Burned have the same effect as Paralysis in the way the smallest attack segment on the wheel becomes a miss. The Burn effect however has an added effect that the Pokemon automatically takes an extra 10 damage per turn on top of whatever is dealt to it.

Wait – If the Wait effect is placed on your Pokemon then this Pokemon becomes unusable for the amount of turns specified by the wait function. You cannot attack or move the figure.

Curse Marker – When Pokemon with a curse marker attached to them is knocked out it is removed from the duel and can’t be used. The curse marker is removed if another marker is gained or the Pokemon leaves the field.

MP -1 Marker – This marker reduces the movement points of the Pokemon by one. Pokemon that could move 3 spaces each turn will be limited to 2 spaces per turn. This marker can be removed if another marker is gained, if the Pokemon is switched out or the Pokemon leaves the field.

Relevant Plate cards will remove status effects or when they get knocked out to the Pokemon Center. They are normally gained in battle. Some defensive moves place status effects on the opposing Pokemon, some even on your own. Offensive attacks with status effects can still trigger even if you lose the battle, depending on the attack.

Many special purple attacks will have status effects attached to them as well. So make sure your paying attention when playing Pokemon Dual to whats going on in the game. Missing a status effect can put you at a disadvantage in the battle without you realising it.



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