PlayStation 4 software update 4.00 details

An update for the PlayStation 4 software is available now. This is the biggest software update for the PS4 this year and comes with a nice array of new and improved features. The current update takes the version to 4.00. Whenever a company rounds up a version number you know that its got some big new things involved. Update 4.00 does two things. It brings in the new features which we are going to explore shortly. Version 4.00 also prepares your console for transfer if you are planning on buying the new PlayStation Slim or the PS4 Pro which are both on the horizon.

HDR – Code named “Shingen” this updates major talking point will be that of the support for HDR output. HDR stands for “High Dynamic Range”. HDR basically put allows for a greater range of colours and greater luminosity. The perceived difference between bright and dark colours is more pronounced giving images which are closer to what we see in the real world with our eyes. HDR is a really big thing in TV marketing at the moment in high end TV’s. 4K is obviously what people talk about but 4K TV’s are getting cheaper and many cheap ones will not have HDR support. In order to get HDR support both the TV and the input will require HDR support. So the PS4 update 4.00 will give that support if you have a HDR TV ready now or in case you are purchasing one in the future. Every PS4 has HDR capability built in. Even the original PS4 consoles were built with the future of HDR in mind so don’t worry your 3 year old PS4 will have the required specs to take advantage of HDR.

1080p Streaming – Your PS4 will now be able to stream in 1080p resolutions. Streaming in 1080p will be available to YouTube, Twitch, Share Play and for remote play. Play your PS4 on another computer in glorious 1080p providing of course that your home network can can keep up with the strain on the WiFi.

UI updates – While the PS4’s user interface was considered quite clean to start with. As collections grew and different media is added the consoles UI became a little clogged. Having to go through menus and sub menus to find what you needed was becoming a little tiresome. Now the User Interface has been updated to include folders which means you can better organise your games and media.

Get ready for the new PlayStation – Are you planning on getting the new PS4 Slim model or maybe your saving up to get the more powerful PS4 Pro when its released. Which ever you are thinking of transferring you data from your original PS4 to your new console will made easier with a wired LAN transfer. PS4 Update 4.00 will prepare your PlayStation 4 to easily transfer your data over a wired connection. No worrying about losing or having to re-load everything onto your new console. High Quality LAN cable for Transfer.

Quick Menu Music – A nice little feature that allows you to control your music collection on Spotify from the quick menu. There is no need to open the Spotify application any longer. Simply navigate to the quick menu and choose your songs.

PS4 quick menu

Next time you fire up your PS4 console you will should have the update ready to be installed.

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