PlayStation Plus free games March 2017

PlayStation plus free games

Those of you with the active PlayStation Plus subscription will be eagerly awaiting the next installment of the PlayStation Plus free games. Wait no more as they have now been announced. As usual for recent times there are 6 free games to pick up. 2 games native to PS4, 2 for the PS3 and 2 for the PlayStation Vita. March’s free games will be available from March 7th. On that date the previous free games will not longer be available. So if you haven’t got your yet, then get downloading now.

PS Plus Free Games March 2017

So here is your free games line up for March 2017. If you havent got your PS Plus membership yet get it now from Amazon

Disc JamDisc Jam (PS4)

Welcome to crazy world of a cross between air hockey and tennis. Retrieve glowing disc and attemptto get it into the opponents goal area. Disc Jam is a brand new game just out of Beta and is available for free straight away this month. Disc Jam will appeal to players who enjoy the likes of Rocket League. It has the same pick up and play simple action type game that has a lot of fun attached to it.

Tearaway Unfolded (PS4)

From the makers of Little Big Planet, Tearaway Unfolded puts you in a world made entirely out of paper. Charged with a task to deliver a message to the portal in the sky called “The You”. You must complete this task and take care of the villainous creatures known as the scraps. Light hearted fun adventure game with mini puzzles and mini games built in to the action. Tearaway Unfolded is a re-make of the PS Vita game “Tearaway”

Earth Defense Force 2025 ps3Earth Defense Force 2025 (PS3)

Earth defense force 2025 is a third person shooter which puts the player in control of one of the EDF’s soldiers froma variety of classes. There are also 700 weapons to choose from (most locked to specific soldier classes). Choose which weapons to equip for each level and protect the earth from the Ravagers. Insect like aliens that have invaded the earth. And the Gigantic, 120 foot Lizard like creatures. Originally from Japan (they do love their GodZilla 🙂 ) Earth Defense force puts you as the last line of defense again all these monsters of the Universe.

Under Night In Birth PS3Under Night: In Birth (PS3)

A 2D fighting game from Japan, Under Night In Birth was a well received game of the one on one fighting genre. Choose from 16 playable characters to fight the voids. The Voids are shadowy characters that appear in regions of Japan once a month in an event called the “Hollow Night”. Your characters of survivors of the Hollow Night but now are in limbo between the living and the dead. However they now control a power known as the Existance and can now battle the voids.

Lumo PS VitaLumo (PlayStation Vita, PS4)

Lumo is a blast from the past with a modern touch. An Isometric adventure game where discovery is the key. Puzzles and perils await your adventure. Choose between two gaming modes Adventure mode allows for game saves and infinite lives. Old School mode restricts these and makes for a much more difficult task. Which ever you choose Lumo will be a difficult game as you progress through the levels. Lumo is a Crossbuy game with the PS4, so if you have either of the Vita or the PlayStation 4 you will be able to download and play this title.

Severed PS VitaSevered (PlayStation Vita)

You are Sasha a one armed heroin with a living sword. That alone is worth getting the game for simply for some originality. Severed is a mix of games, using swipe based controls to solve puzzles and fight off the hordes of monsters that will come your way. Uncover the mysteries of the dark fantasy universe and upgrade your abilities and strengths with the powers of the totems.

All of this months PlayStation Plus free games will be available for download on March 7th. Want to see a bit more information and have a quick look and the games available this month. Check out the video below uploaded by PlayStationGrenade.

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