PlayStation Plus free games February 2017

PlayStation plus free games October 2016It felt like there was a slight delay with the announcement of the PlayStation Plus free games for this month but now we have the full lineup to be able to show you what your PlayStation Plus membership will be giving you in the month of February. As always these games are free to anyone with an active PlayStation Plus subscription. And has become the norm now there are 6 games to download, 2 for the PS4 2 for the PS3 and 2 for PlayStation Vita. With the added bonus that the PlayStation Vita games are cross buy enabled so that they are also playable on the PS4 consoles. This month one of the PS3 games are also cross buy enabled giving PS4 owners 5 free games to play.

PlayStation Plus free games February lineup

Little Big Planet 3Little Big Planet 3 (PS4)

Sackboy is back again, and in a whole new world called Bunkum. he also has some friends Toggle, OddSock and Swoop. Jump and swing around the world of Bunkum and play many levels created by the community. Also give yourself a shot of creating a level and share it to the rest of the PS4 community to try. Little Big Planet 3 comes with a virtually endless amount of game content.

Not a HeroNot a Hero (PS4)

In a strange storyline, Not a Hero buts you a place where you need to rid the city of crime. At the same time you are campaigning for the Bunnylord to become mayor. And the Bunnylord is a purple rabbit who has been time travelling for this purpose. Its an interesting story to say the least. Use a selection of weapons to hunt down the criminals in each district and get the voters to look kindly on the Bunnylord.

Starwhal PS4Starwhal (PS3, PS4 with cross buy)

A local multiplayer game in its truest form. Starwhal puts you and your friends each in control of a Narwhal. Each Narwhal has a giant heart on its chest and spears on its head. The idea is simple. Spear the hearts of your enemies. Each time you spear a heart they lose a life and become one step closer to losing. Be the last one standing to win. This is one of those games that will get you shouting at your friends  as they dodge your attacks at the last second. Perfect for a party where you can just pick up and play.

Anna Extended editionAnna – Extended Edition (PS3)

Anna Extended Edition is a dark adventure game where your behaviors as the player play a major part in the way the games shapes itself. With 8 possible endings your decision decides how it all pans out. Get clues to help figure out your characters horrific past and unlock new locations to learn more about yourself.

Ninja Senki DXNinja Senki DX (PlayStation Vita, PS4 with cross buy)

This 2D platformer puts in in control of Hayate, the blue ninja. Hellbent on revenge he casts aside his powers of invisibility he instead uses the power of Shurikenjitsu. Fighting mythical creatures, demons and more. Play on both PS Vita and PlayStation 4

Star Wars The Force UnleashedTorqueL (PlayStation Vita, PS4 with cross buy)

TorqueL is a basic looking scrolling puzzel game. The idea being to overcome all of the obstacles to get to the end of the 50 available levels. Not a lot else to say really but if you like puzzle games then while its free give it a go, it just may be your thing. Available on PS4 and PlayStation Vita

All of this months PlayStation Plus free games will be available for download on February 7th. Remember Once February 7th arrives all of January’s free games will no longer be available for free unless you had previously downloaded them last month.

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