PlayStation 4 system update 3.50

Here are the details of the recently released PS4 system update 3.50. This months update brings with it a load of social improvements as well as improvements to the remote play feature. The update was released on April 6th so its available to download and install now if you haven’t already. If it was automatically installed on your PS4 and you dont know what it has changed then read on, cause here is what the software system update 3.5o gives you.

Appear Offline – just fancy playing on your own for a while? have lots of friends on PlayStation network and don’t want to keep saying no your friends when they keep asking you to join their games every few minutes, then this feature will be infinitely useful. No need to look like being boring by declining game invites or party chats. Simply set your status to appear offline and you can game in piece and quiet and no one will be the wiser. You can set your status to appear offline by going to your profile tab and selecting a new option called online status, from there you select appear offline. Dont forget to turn it back to online later though or it will appear very quiet in the PlayStation Network.

Online Friend Notifications – Nice and simple but useful non the less. When your friends come online you can choose to be instantly notified. To have notifications on individual friends go to your friends profile and press options. From there simply select notify when online. If you wish to have notifications on all your friends or turn all notification off head to settings >> Notifications and choose select all or select none.

Play Together – Now on your party list you can see what game everyone is currently playing. From here you can easily join one of your friends games or invite them to yours.
play together

Remote Play – A fantastic improvement has been made to the remote play feature. Players will now be able to use their PC or Macs to use the remote feature on. The Dualshock 4 controller will need to be plugged into the computer with a USB cable and the computer will need to be running one of the following operation systems.

  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • OS X 10.10
  • OS X 10.11

Available streaming resolutions are 360p, 540p and 720p with a default resolution of 540p. Two frame rate choices are 30fps and 60fps with a default setting of 30 fps. Remember the higher the settings the faster your internal home network will to be order to cope with the streaming. You can download the remote play application for windows and Mac here.

Other Social Improvements – There is more on the social front as well, share your videos and share your friends videos on facebook and twitter and make sure they see them by tagging them in the post :). You wouldn’t want them to miss out on your greatest gaming moments now would you. Broadcasting your games to DailyMotion is now an extra option.

Quick view of PSN status – Quickly look at the current status of the PlayStation Network to get any information on errors or downtime that may be occurring. Unless of course that this feature is currently down, but then at least you still know there is a problem 🙂 Find this information at Settings >> Network.

Parental Control – Special teen accounts (13-17) can now be set up where by the account is restricted to offline mode until the parents are happy they have completed all the other parental controls and approve the account for online use. This can be done at the parents leisure.

PlayStation Plus Hub – From this new hub, players can manage their online storage and see which of the PlayStation Plus games their friends have downloaded and played.

There are also updates to the PlayStation App and many behind the scenes working updates and improvements as there are with every update.

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