Hearthstone card pack price rises hit UK hard.

Hearthstone FeaturePrice rises are inevitable in almost everything. They are accepted as just something that happens. Nobody likes them but everyone accepts they happen. The problem comes when price rises are unfair or seem out of proportion. This is exactly what Hearthstone fans in the UK are currently complaining about. The pack prices for Hearthstone cards are going up. But it seems the UK prices are taking a much steeper price hike then the rest of Europe. Brexit problems again? maybe, but the difference is price hikes seem even more than that could account for.

Pack Price Increases

Here are the Pack price increases for multiple packs in both GBP and Euro’s. They range from the 2 pack bundle to the 60 pack bundle.


Packs Previous Price New Price Price Increase % Increase
2 £1.99 £2.99 £1.00 50%
7 £6.99 £8.99 £2.00 28%
15 £13.99 £16.99 £3.00 21%
40 £34.99 £44.99 £10.00 28%
60 £47.99 £59.99 £12.00 25%

Europe – Euros

Packs Previous Price New Price Price Increase % Increase
2 €2.69 €2.99 €0.30 11%
7 €8.99 €9.99 €1.00 11%
15 €17.99 €19.99 €2.00 11%
40 €44.99 €49.99 €5.00 11%
60 €62.99 €69.99 €7.00 11%

As you can see the Euro price increase has a straight 11% while the UK price hikes are anything from 21% to 50%. The simple 2 card pack which most players will be purchasing has gone up a whopping 50%. Looking another way however with the Pound and the Euro so close on the exchange rate these days the new prices show £2.99 and €2.99 respectively. This would simply bring the UK prices in line with the European price structure.

If you are a UK player though, that would not be reason enough to start paying an extra £1 for every 2 packs purchased. After all, they wont be earning any extra due to the currency rate change, so its a simple price rise to them.

Good news for those free to play players however that buy a single pack for 100 in game Gold. Its not expected that the single pack gold prices will be changing.

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