Games with Gold March 2017

Wow its already that time again when we get to see what free games will coming your way. Its time to reveal the Xbox Live Games with Gold list for March 2017. And its another great lineup. After last months success and the likes of Project Cars (still available for free until March 15th). This months games are also a great bunch of games that are well worth downloading to try. I’m sure your hard drives are already full to the brim but here are a few more titles that you will somehow have to find room for. As always these games are provided for free for a limited time for players with active Xbox Live subscriptions.

Games with Gold March 2017 Free Games

Layers of Fear xbox oneLayers of Fear (Xbox One March 1 – March 31)

Delve deep in to the mind of a insane painter to discover the true secret of his madness. stroll through the Victorian mansion looking for the vision, fears and horrors that plague the painters mind. Ultimately finishing the masterpiece that he strived to create. Exploration is the key in this story driven saga. Only by exploring the the mansion will you discover the secrets.

Evolve Ultimate edition xboxEvolve Ultimate Edition (Xbox One March 16 – April 15)

Evolve – The most complete hunting experience. You are not hunting deer or foxes here you are hunting Monsters. Choose your side. Play as one of 20 hunters or one of 5 savage monsters in a variety of game modes. Winner of “Game of Show” title at both E3 2014 and Gamescom 2014 Evolve is a game which you must have in your Library. Now of course you can and for free. Play offline, Online C0-op or Online Multiplayer. Download from the 16th of March.

Borderlands 2 xbox 360Borderlands 2 (Xbox One/360 March 1 – March 15)

The Ever popular Borderlands series has come to Games With Gold. Borderlands 2, the cartooned up first person shoot and loot game was hugely popular. If somehow you’ve missed it then make sure you not missing out in March. Play as one of the Vault hunters looking for bounties by tracking down psycho’s, evil creatures and ultimately the evil mastermind “Handsome Jack”. This clever RPG will have you locked into your Xbox for hours.

Heavy Weapon (Xbox One/360 March 16 – March 31)

Previously an Xbox Live Arcade game, Heavy Weapon puts you in control of an Atomic Tank. Simply able to move from side to side and using a turret gun to destroy enemies. Sounds a bit simple but its a fun old school type arcade game that still appeals to many.


There you have it, another great lineup starting March 1st. Take a quick look at the trailers for the games below. Enjoy 🙂

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