Games with Gold July 2017

More Xbox free games are heading your way. This month our Xbox live subscription gets you a slightly quirkier set of games. Games with Gold in July will bring you a selection of games for the family to play online and offline, with Runbow and Lego Pirates of the Caribbean the family can enjoy some pick up and play games. BUD the robot stars in Grow Up for a fun bouncy cartoony experience. Then if you are looking for something with a little more grit shall we say then Kane and Lynch 2 may well satisfy your requirement.

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Games with Gold July 2017 Free Games

Grow UpGrow up (Xbox One July 1 – August 31)

BUD is a wobbly fun robot who’s mother is a spaceship. With us so far? :). An inappropriately placed moon caused the spaceship to fall to pieces and is now scattered all over the planet. BUD needs to collect all the pieces to put back together his parental spaceship. BUD can turn into a ball to roll, bounce and boost around the planet. Then over come any obstacles with your green fingered nature and the knowledge in your floradex 3000. Sounds wacky enough to give it ago. 

RunbowRunbow (Xbox One July 16 –  August 15)

A multiplayer platform game, originally developed for the Wii-U. Runbow supports up to 9 players with aim of getting to the trophy at the end of the level. Players can use attacks against each other to prevent them from progressing. The twist in Runbow is each level is full of obstacles and platforms. Each of these has a colour and the background also has a colour. Every so often the background colour changes. When this happens every platform and obstacle with the same colour disappear. Previously hidden ones will then reappear. Fun game best played with group. Play Runbow multiplayer locally or online.

Kane and Lynch 2Kane and Lynch 2 (Xbox One/360 July 1 – July 15)

Playing as a pair of slightly deranged criminals, Kane and Lynch are fighting there way through the Shanghai underworld. Single player story line puts you in control of Lynch while online co-op play lets a player take control of Kane. Unlike the original Kane and Lynch game (dead men) there is no split screen option. This time around after a simple job in Shanghai ends in a blood bath they are forced to face the consequences of their actions.

Lego Pirates of the CaribbeanLego Pirates of the Caribbean (Xbox One/360 July 16 – July 30)

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean is a action based colorful adventure bringing to life the world of this great series in a brick format. Play through scenes from the first 4 pirates of the Caribbean films in the light hearted and unique lego style. Feature local cooperative play. Fun for everyone in the family.


Here is the official Xbox Video showing all of this months free games with your Xbox Live Subscription. Check back next month to see what great games are coming your way for free with Games with Gold.

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