Games With Gold April 2017

Say what you like about the Xbox Vs PS4 battle. The debate can be go on for ever. But just recently the two competing free games service has been a little bit one way traffic in terms of quality of games. That’s certainly our opinion here at PantherProducts. This month just goes to prove the point even more. While the PS Plus games for April have not been announced just yet the Games with Gold for April 2017 line up is another quality selection. 4 Games are free to download with your Xbox Live Subscription again. And as is now the norm the Xbox 360 games are backwards compatible and able to to download for the Xbox one. Once again 4 free games available for Xbox One Players.

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Games with Gold April 2017 Free Games

Ryse son of rome Xbox OneRyse Son of Rome (Xbox One April 1 – April 30)

Ryse : Son of Rome was the release title for the Xbox one and some have been waiting for this to turn up as an Xbox Live free game for some time now. Finally it arrives. Those that picked up an Xbox One a little after the release date may not have got hold of this title so this is a great start to the lineup. Play the part of Marius Titus to avenge your family and fight gladiator style battles in many arena’s. Co-op and multiplayer modes add to the attraction.

Walking dead season 2 Xbox OneThe Walking Dead Season 2 (Xbox One April 16 –  May 15)

Sequel to the game of year Walking dead from Tell Tale games. Play the part of Clementine a young girl orphaned by the undead apocalypse. Meet new survivors and follow the story of what its like to be clementine. The walking dead is all about choice and consequence. make the correct decisions to keep yourself and all of the survivors safe from the biters.

Darksiders (Xbox One/360 April 1 – April 15)

You are War, one of the four horsemen trapped between heaven and hell. Your only option is to fight your way out of purgatory. Your story? you have been framed for causing the end of the world and have been banished to the land of nothingness. Here you must fight your enemies and clear your name. Take your trusty Steed Ruin to explore the demon ravaged world and search for your master, the one that betrayed you.

Assassins Creed RevalationsAssassins Creed : Revelations  (Xbox One/360 April 16 – April 31)

Revelations is the fourth major installment of the ever growing Assassins Creed Series. Ezio Auditore returns after defeating his enemies to travel east and search for the lost library of the assassins. Your journey will take you to places where there is a growing army of templars causing unrest and panic in the cities. Assassins Creed revelations also comes with a multiplayer mode that allows you to test your best assassin skills.

There you have it, another great lineup starting April 1st. Take a quick look at the trailers for the games below. Enjoy 🙂

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