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For Honor Vanguards

The Vanguards, the multi-purpose, multi use all round jack of all trades in For Honor. This makes them sound like they may not be much use in a battle. There lack of specialized skills can be seen as a real problem to some players. To others however their lack of specilized strength is not a problem. The reason for that is their lack of weaknesses. The Vanguard can be played in any scenario and still has a chance to come out on top if played correctly. As with all characters in For Honor, the secret is knowing when and how to fight. The advantage with the Vanguard is that you may get that choice wrong but with a bit of nifty fighting still come out on top.

The Vanguard is a great class to start playing with as a beginner. The class is more forgiving than the others. You will be allowed to roam the map and learn the game without being hindered by certain class limitations. Other classes while have certain strengths the Vanguard does not posses require a level of discipline to play effectively. Vanguards are very good support units as they for-fill a multitude of different roles depending on the situation at hand.

The 3 available Vanguards are the Warden (Knights), Raider (Vikings) and the Kensei (Samurai). Each has their own moveset inline with their factions traits.

For Honor WardenThe Warden

The Warden is the Vanguard for the Knights faction. He fights with a two-handed longsword. This provides a good balance of offensive and defense. While a large weapon it delivers a hefty blow but also blocks effectively. Wardens traverse the playing area with good speed. The Warden is considered one of the easiest characters to learn and play with. Their attack style is straightforward but should not be under estimated as they are as effective as any of the other vanguards.

The Warden Attacks and Moves

The Warden has 3 attack chains. These are the linked basic attacks that a performed when attacks are made in a specific order without being interrupted. Its best to mix up your guard stance when making multiple attacks to keep your opponent guessing. Other moves can be achieved while sprinting and to counter the enemies strikes

  • Wardens Advance – Two consecutive light attacks followed by a heavy attack.
  • Guardians Assault – Light attack linked to a heavy attack.
  • Wardens Wrath – Two consecutive heavy attacks.
  • Zone Attack  – Light attack and heavy attack together will perform a zone attack. Best performed when surrounded by more than one enemy.
  • Rushing Slash – Press heavy attack while sprinting,
  • Shoulder Bash – Complete a dodge while pressing guardbreak. For a harder push from the shoulder bash hold the guardbreak button through the action.

The Warden is adept at countering enemy strikes. When blocking a top attack quickly perform a light attack to start a strike that will be too quick for your opponent to respond to. Starting a top guard heavy attack may prompt your opponent to try a parry. Cancelling your attack and switching to a light attack with a different guard leaves your opponent open to a free strike. Timing of course is the key to making this work.

The Raider

The Raider is the Vanguard for the Viking faction. He fights with the massive Dane Axe. The Dane axe is a fearsome weapon that only deals striking blows to the enemy but was also used to hack away anything else that may get in the way of the Raider. This Vanguard relies on stunning moves to get the upper hand in battle. Using strikes that leave the opponent unable to quickly respond allows the Raider to put together great combinations.

The Raider Attacks and Moves

Disabling moves are at the heart of the Raiders moveset. Again we have 3 chain moves and a selection of hero specific moves to choose from.

  • Chop and Poke – 3 Consecutive light attacks.
  • Wild Swinging – 3 Consecutive heavy attacks.
  • Winding Slashes – Heavy attack, light attack, heavy attack.
  • Raider Fury – Press heavy attack and light attack together. This is an unblockable zone attack that can be used in any chain.
  • Reaping Charge – While sprinting press heavy attack. Can’t be used in guard mode
  • Stampede Charge – While sprinting hold guardbreak. This knocks down enemies and stuns them if pushed into a wall. Cannot be used in guard mode.
  • Stunning Tap – Dodge forwards combined with a light attack. Stuns opponents for a short period.
  • Rushing Guardbreak – Dodge forwards then perform a guardbreak attack.

Keep the opponent unable to attack with your stunning attacks. Stun a recovering enemy with a stunning tap to inflict more damage. Avoid your heavy attack being parried by canceling the heavy attack and switching to a stunning tap. Charge enemies into the environment for another way to stun them for short periods and keep on the attack. We re-iterate with the raider keep the enemy stunned. Don’t stand toe to toe swinging away, it just won’t work!

The KenseiKensei vanguard for honor

The Kensei is the Samurai’s Vanguard warrior. They are trained as you would expect to fight or die. Their weapon of choice is known as a Nodachi, A longer version of the Katana that cleaves enemies with powerful strikes. The length of the sword allows the Kensei to fight at longer distances than the other Vanguard classes. It does take a bit longer to swing however making them a little slower to attack than the others. The Kensei has 4 chain attacks and an unblockable top strike finisher to boot.

The Kensei Attacks and Moves

  • Dawn of the Steel Son – 3 Consecutive light attacks.
  • Spirit of inevitability – 2 Consecutive light attacks followed by a heavy attack.
  • Form of the Dragon – Light attack followed by 2 consecutive heavy attacks.
  • Doom of the Kensei – 3 Consecutive heavy attacks.
  • Rushing Sweep – Press heavy attack while sprinting. Cant be used in guard mode
  • Helm Splitter – Dodge forwards then perform a light attack.
  • Swift Strike – Dodge left or right and perform a light attack.
  • Grasping Pounce – Dodge forwards then perform guardbreak.

For effective use of the Kensei warrior, keep a respectable distance so that warriors with shorter weapons find it more difficult to strike. When you have been drawn into a battle, use one of the unblockable attacks and then get back to safe distance. The Kensei is a slower attacker but has a quick step. Use this quick dodge forwards for great effect.

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