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For Honor Hybrids

Hybrids are a special type of character in For Honor. They borrow characteristics from the other classes to mold into something completely different. Unlike the other classes the Hybrids have different skills depending on which faction they are from. Hybrids can for-fill a variety of roles in the battle. While they will not be as adept at a particular task than the specific classes they can change roles throughout the game because they have a variety of talents. They can be offensive if your team lacks that skill or can play the part of the Heavy if again your team does not posses one. The best part is that they can adapt to different phases of the battle.

Hybrids can be considered quite difficult to play and learn. Mainly because they do not have a specific skill set and nothing to focus on. To effectively play as a hybrid players will be required to fill in whatever gaps in skills the team has. In order to do this hybrid players will need to be constantly surveying the battlefield and the tide of the battle to see what is most needed. This is not an easy skill as it can be quite easy to just get drawn into the fighting.

The 3 Available Hybrid Classes are the Lawbringer (Knights), the Valkyrie (Vikings) and the Nobushi (Samurai)

Lawbringer For HonorThe Lawbringer

Lawbringers borrow their skills from both the Heavy and the Vanguard classes. They have a good offensive range and can counter attack and stun enemies while fighting. They are also fairly adept at securing and holding locations on the battle map. Lawbringers are considered the justice system as in “they bring the law” they also bring the punishment.

The weapon of the Lawbringer is the Poleaxe. Poleaxes are a very versitile weapon with an axe on one end to carve up the enemies and solid pommel on the base for blunt attacks. It also comes with a spike on the very tip for thrusting attacks. For armor the Lawbringer has full plate armor with chain mail underneath. They are well protected and can withstand some heavy shots.

The Lawbringer Attacks and Moves

The Lawbringers attack style is a mixture of long range and counter attacking. Keeping the opponent off balance by making them miss from distance and stunning them when hitting on the counter attack. The Lawbringer has 4 chain attacks to go along with a fairly comprehensive moveset.

  • Book Chapter and Verse – Light attack, heavy attack then light attack again.
  • Judge Jury and Executioner – Light attack then 2 consecutive heavy attacks.
  • Swift Justice – Heavy attack, light attack then heavy attack.
  • Swift Justice finisher – Heavy attack, light attack, then hold right stick forwards + Hold Heavy attack, then light attack
  • Impaling Charge – Left stick down + heavy attack.
  • Impaling Riposte – Parry attack then Right stick right or left with heavy attack.
  • Blind Justice – Parry attack then right stick forwards with heavy attack.
  • Light Riposte – Parry attack then light attack
  • Make Way – Parry attack then light + heavy attack.
  • The Long Arm – Left stick down + Guard break.
  • Shove – Dodge in any direction the Guard break.
  • Shove Alternative – Block attack then Guard break
  • Shove Mix up – Hold Heavy attack then Guard break.

The maneuvering speed of the Lawbringer is not the best due to the heavy armor. However they are still very capable of dodging and parrying oncoming attacks. This is also the basis for many of the Lawbringers counter attacks. As you can see from the list above a lot of the moves start with either a parry or a block setting up the counter offensive.

Valkryie for honorThe Valkyrie

Chosen by the Gods, Valkyries fight for glory in the name of those that cannot fight. Mainly scouts and trackers they are armed with a spear and shield. Both of which the Valkyrie fashions into offensive items. Leather armor and a few metal plates protect them which allows the nimble moves and full blooded thrusts of the spear.

As the Hybrid character for the vikings the Valkyrie is a very versatile warrior. They have good speed and for their size increadible power. They are able to shove back much larger enemies a great distance.

The Valkyrie Attacks and Moves

The Valkyrie relies on keeping the enemy off balance. Guarding attacks while charging up heavy attacks will keep the enemy frustrated. Guard breaks are a particularly good skill of the Valkyrie as well to disrupt the rhythm. Valkyries have 3 chain attacks to start the move sets.

  • Boar Hunter – Light Attack and hold then 2 more light attacks.
  • Thrust and Slash – 2 light attacks followed by a heavy attack.
  • Harriers Fury – Heavy attack followed by 2 light attacks.
  • Hunters Rush – Heavy attack while sprinting (Not in Guard mode)
  • Pouncing thrust – Dodge forwards the light attack.
  • Hunters Strike – Dodge left or right and then light attack.
  • Shield Crush – Heavy attack then Guard Break.
  • Shield Tackle – Dodge backwards Hold Guard break
  • Shoulder Pin – Deflect attack then Heavy attack.
  • Rams Headbutt – Hold Guard break then release and press and hold guard break again.
  • Spear Sweep – Hold Guard break release then press guard break again followed by left stick down and Heavy attack.
  • Shield Crush into Spear Sweep – Heavy attack, hold Guard Break then left stick down + Heavy attack.

Some of the Valkyries attacks can be charged which gives players the opportunity to land even bigger hits. They also have the ability to deflect attacks with the shield. Using a light attack correctly timed and matched with the enemies guard will activate a shield block. Not only will this deflect the attack but it opens up the enemy for a quick counter attack.

The NobushiNobushi for honor

The Nobushi are the defenders of Japanese villages. They were selected to look after the villagers in locations that the imperial army could not reach. But don’t be fooled by this. They are impeccable warriors with speed and skills to match any other.

They are very lightly armored in fact one of the lightest armored characters in For Honor. Mostly leather cover their bodies, while not providing the most possible protection is does allow the Nobushi to be very agile. Weapon wise the Nobushi carry a Naginata. This is a long stave type weapon with a curved blade at the end. Its versatility matches that of the Nobushi themselves. Naginata’s are used to stab, bash or even hook enemies.

The Nobushi Attacks and Moves

The Nobushi’s attacks can cause lots of bleed effects which will keep on draining the health from the enemy even after the attack. This allows for attack and retreat style of play. Throw in an attack, move to a safer distance while more damage is being done to them. Nobushi’s have 3 chain attacks.

  • Poke the Nest – 3 consecutive light attacks.
  • Hiss and Bite – Light attack then heavy attack.
  • Death Rattle Form – 2 consecutive Heavy attacks.
  • Slithering Thrust – Light attack while Sprinting (Not in Guard Mode).
  • Coiling Slash – Heavy attack while Sprinting (Not in Guard Mode).
  • Hidden Stance – Press R3 (Right Thumb Stick) C for PC play.
  • Cobra Strike – Didge attack followed by light attack.
  • Cobra Strike Mix up – Hold Guard Break, then press guard break followed by light attack.
  • Vipers Retreat – Left stick down plus light attack.
  • Kick – Guard break from hidden stance.
  • Sidewinder Form – Dodge attack left or right followed by heavy attack.
  • Swift Recall – Block attack then dodge.

Keep your enemies at long range with your lengthy weapon. Dodge and roll away from incoming attacks and swiftly counter before retreating again. Use the bleed effect to maximize the damage caused.

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