For Honor – Heavies

For Honor - The Heavies

The Heavies are the Tank class in For Honor. They have a very specific purpose. Soak up massive amounts of damage and defend zones on the game map. They have an insane amount of health points (HP) and are capable of landing a serious heavy blow. Their downside is that they are very slow. Heavies do not traverse the maps particularly well. They are much better suited to defending areas and distracting enemies while other players go on the offensive.

Heavies are classed as a medium difficulty class to learn as they require a certain patience to master but their massive health can mean the class is a little more forgiving to mistakes than some of the lighter classes. Heavy classes should lead the way in battles and never shy away from combat. Other classes can then act as support to help the heavies or while the distraction is created, sneak off to other parts of the combat area.

The 3 Available Heavy classes in For Honor are, The Conqueror (Knights), The Warlord (Vikings) and the Shogoki (Samurai).

For Honor ConquerorThe Conqueror

Conquerors were once either forced conscripts or ex-prisoners forced to fight. In their time however they have gained respect through battle and have risen through the ranks to become the Conquerors. The weapon of choice for the Conqueror is the flail coupled with a shield. The Flail is a terrifying weapon with the only purpose of causing horrific injuries to the enemy. It may not kill straight away but the flail will wear an enemy down very quickly.

Armor wise the Conquerors have the best in the business. Heavy Helms protect the head while plate armor is worn beneath the clothing. A chain is wrapped around the weapon arm to deflect glancing blows while striking. All this armor makes it difficult to bring down a Conqueror but also makes them very slow in movement and attack speed. Which sounds great for the enemy until they actually hit you.

The Conqueror Attacks and Moves

The Conquerors attack style revolves around overpowering the enemy and soaking up attacks from them. Conquerors do not do a lot of dodging and feinting maneuvers are out of the question. They can however defend themselves with auto blocking and a full block stance (Blocking all 3 guard stances at once). Their shield is also a weapon bashing enemies away and causing damage at the same time. The Conqueror also has 3 chain attacks.

  • Conscripts Attrition – Light attack as many times as you can (infinite attack).
  • Final Argument – 2 light attacks followed by a heavy attack.
  • Reapers Crush – 2 Consecutive heavy attacks.
  • Full Block Stance – Pull down on the right thumb stick (Consumes stamina to activate and when blocking).
  • Charging Shield Crush – Perform a guard break while sprinting (Not in guard mode).
  • Shield Bash – Dodge in any direction then perform a guard break.
  • Shield Bash Mix Up – Heavy attack followed by a guard break
  • Shield Bash Riposte – Pull down on the right thumb stick (Guard stance) and perform a guard break.
  • Chargeable Heavy Attack – Hold heavy attack to charge

Using the full block stance can be very effective as a delaying tactic. It does consume stamina over time but allows help to arrive or to hang on to that crucial zone for a while longer. The chargeable heavy attack is a signature attack for the Conqueror but this also consumes stamina. Running out of stamina will render this move unavailable.

For Honor WarlordThe Warlord

The Viking Warlord is the fastest of the heavies. That doesn’t make them fast of course but it does give them a bit of an edge in that department. They fight with classic sword and shield (Gladius). The fighting style of the Warlord is simple. Absorb the blows with the shield to get close enough to unless the power of the Gladius. Warlords have an iron helm and chain mail armor covered with leather pelts. And obviously the shield represents a large proportion on the armour. Warlords have limited attack range but because they are a little quicker than other heavies Warlords can mount a reasonable counter attack.

The Warlord Attacks and Moves

The Warlord only has 2 attack chains but still has plenty to offer in terms of offensive strikes. Using the sword and the shield as a weapon gives a great deal of available combinations. Add to that a great headbutt and your options are endless.

  • Focused Strikes – Light attack followed by a heavy attack.
  • Hack and Slash – Heavy attack followed by a light attack.
  • Crashing Charge – Perform a guard break while sprinting (Not in guard mode).
  • Headsplitter Leap – Press heavy attack while sprinting (Not in Guard mode).
  • Headsplitter Leap Alternate – Dodge forwards and press heavy attack.
  • Headsplitter leap combo – Dodge forwards and press heavy attack, then hold guard break and press light attack.
  • Board and Blade – Pull down on right stick and press heavy attack.
  • Block and stab – Pull down on the right stick, block an attack then press light attack.
  • Shield Counter – Parry attack then press guard break.
  • Shield Counter combo – Parry attack, then guardbreak then light attack.
  • Headbutt – Dodge forwards and press guard break.
  • Headbutt Riposte – Pull right stick down and press guard break
  • Headbutt combo – Pull right stick down, hold guardbreak and press light attack.

Block and counter seems to be the way forward for the Warlord. Block and parry then unleash. Remember the shield is a weapon as well as piece of armor. And not forgetting when you have time, throw in a few headbutts from your iron helm, just to let them know you care.

The ShugokiShugoki For Honor

The Shugoki are the Samurai’s heavy class. They are the most devastating character in For Honor. The pack the most damage in their swings but they are also the slowest in the game. They are the slowest to move and slowest to attack. As such they are probably one of the hardest characters to master. Played right however and the Shugoki will change the outcome of any battle.

Shugoki’s fight with the Kanabo, a massive spiked club. The Kanabo looks unwieldy and difficult to use or even swing for most. But in the hands of the Shugoki this weapon is one of mass destruction. For Armor the Shugoki wear massive metal plates around the torso and arms plus a mask with the image of a Japanese demon just in case you weren’t already affraid of the Shugoki’s appearance.

The Shugoki Attacks and Moves

Excellent at dealing with crowds, the big swinging Shugoki can throw around the Kanabo without being interrupted on many occasions. This gives a little more freedom when attacking by being able to finish your attacks when they have started. being so slow this is a must. However this can take stamina. Most of the attacks are simple trading of blows. Don’t worry about being hit, just make sure your shot connects. Shugoki only has 2 chain attacks which seems fair considering the slow speed of this character.

  • Bash and Smash – Light attack followed by a heavy attack.
  • Bonecrusher – 2 consecutive heavy attacks.
  • Crashing Thunder – Press heavy attack while sprinting (Not in guard mode).
  • Charge of the Oni – Press dodge while sprinting (Not in guard mode).
  • Demons Embrace – Pull left stick down and press guard break.
  • Demon Ball – Hold guard break and press heavy attack.
  • Headbutt – Hold either light or heavy attack and press guard break.
  • Charging Heavy Attack – Hold heavy attack.

The Shugoki can charge some attacks. This takes a while to do but is devastating when achieved. If an enemy is distracted then charge up before entering the battle. As if they were not hard enough hitters the charged hits will just simply crush your enemies.

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