For Honor Controls (Xbox One, PS4)

For Honor Controls

For Honor is a brand new innovative game from Ubisoft. Choosing your faction between the Vikings, Knights and Samurai. For Honor brings a whole new fighting style game with its new “Art of Battle” Control system. A bit more on that a little later. Firstly it has to be accepted that this is a fighting game at heart. It looks like an RPG or an action adventure game such as Dragon Age. But that is all in appearance. For Honor is really more like Street Fighter without the special powers. The innovative part comes in the Multiplayer mode where you are effectively fighting 1 on 1 with opponents. But each battle is only part of the game. You keep fighting your way through each match.

Defensive is a must in For Honor, not an option. The game builds itself on a strategic defensive system. Again it may look like a bit of a hack and slash type game, but attempting this will lead to definite defeat. By the same token a simple block then attack tactic employed in most fighting games will also only be effective against very low end players. The “Art of Battle” system requires much more than this.

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There is a fair bit to learn about For Honor controls so lets start with the basic button controls and controller layouts for the Xbox One and PS4.

For Honor Controller Layout (Click to enlarge)

For Honor Controls Xbox One  For Honor controls PS4

For Honor Controls

Action PlayStation Controls XBOX Controls
Movement Left Thumb Stick Left Thumbstick xbox left thumb stick Left Thumbstick
Guard Directs xbob right thumb stick Right Thumbstick (Up, Right or Left) xbob right thumb stick Right Thumbstick (Up, Right or Left)
Sprint Press Left Thumb Stick Press xbox left thumb stick
Guard Mode L2 playstation button
Light Attack PS4 R1 Button Xbox Right Bumper
Heavy Attack R2 right-trigger
Guard Break square X Button
Cancel Heavy Attack Circle B Button
Dodge Cross A button
Feats Dpad-down,dpad-left,dpad up, Dpad-down,dpad-left,dpad up,
Activate Revenge Meter Triangle Y button
Quick Chat  PS4 L1 button  Left bumper
Pause ps4-options-button Xbox Menu Button
Menu ps4-options-button Xbox Menu Button
Gameplay Information Touchpad View Button

The Art of Battle

The Art of Battle is the control system in the For Honor game. Its the system that prevents button mashing and simple dodge and attack mechanics from working in the game. The Art of Battle makes players play the way the game was intended or face almost certain defeat. So lets get in to the basics of the Art of Battle

Moving – Once battle is initiated players can move their characters to the front, back, left or right. This is creating your stance and is important to select what moves you will be performing

Dodging – Dodging allows players to evade incoming attacks. You have to dodge in the correct direction though by reading your opponents stance. Dodging incorrectly will simply place you in harms way without being able to to block or parry the incoming attack.

Light Strike – A quick attack with the weapon. the staple attack mode.

Heavy Attack – Does more damage than the light attack but takes longer to initiate. Heavy attacks can be harder to land as it gives more time for the opponent to read what is coming.

Guard Break – Guard Break allows the player to smash through the opponents guard. Its possible to then combine this with a throwing maneuver.

Guard Break Interrupt – It is possible to effectively block a guard break by pressing the guard break button yourself. Time this right and not only will you stop the opponents guard break from being successful but he will also be pushed backwards giving you an opportunity to strike.

Parry – To parry an incoming attack you will have to match your opponents guard (up, right or left) and then use the heavy attack button.

External Blocks – Occasionally in battles other than the One vs One mode a second or more opponent will join the battle to help a team mate. While the odds will not be good for you in this situation, it is still possible to block their attacks. If an enemy is attacking you from the left, the left guard stance will block that attack.

Revenge Meter – Completing defensive actions fills a bar called the revenge meter. Once full, activate using Y (Xbox) or Triangle (PS4). The activated revenge meter gives the player a short boost to attack, defense and stamina.

Here’s a great little video to get you started on the basics of combat and “The Art of Battle”. It goes through all the guards, counter moves and executions. Plus it shows a few of the fun emotes that you can do while battling and while no locked on to opponents.

For Honor – Feats

Feats in For Honor are abilities that are earned by playing through the game and earning experience. Feats vary from character to character in each faction. Players will not start out with any feats at the beginning of the game. They are earned and equipped to the characters. Each character can have up to 4 feats attached at one time. These are assigned to a direction on the D-pad and activated by using the D-pad during battle. Some Feats are passive and do not require any action during battle but are always present. These are things such as attack or defensive power boosts.

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