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For Honor AssassinsThe Assassins are the deadly warriors in For Honor. They are masters of dishing out massive damage in double quick time. They have a stealth like approach, superb speed and  incredible mobility. Playing using the Assassin class should be aware of their strengths but be more aware of the limitations. Assassins do not think too much about defending themselves. They are simply in the battle to dish out damage. Battle one on one and the Assassin could well have the victory before you could blink. If they come up against any more enemies however the chances of survival is slim at best.

Assassins are stated to be a fairly difficult class to learn and probably not one for the beginner to try. But mastering the Assassin can bring in quick wins with the very quick strikes and high damage combination. Discipline is required to play the Assassin class as they do not defend well. Only entering battles that you have a chance to win is the key. Isolate opponents and take them down. Don’t try and enter group fights unless its a last ditch situation.

The 3 assassin classes are the Peacekeeper (Knights) Berserker (Vikings) and the Orochi (Samurai). The 3 factions have Assassins with quite different skills. Be sure to check them out below before you decide which character to play as.

For Honor PeacekeeperThe Peacekeeper

Peacekeepers are a rare breed. At times they might not even be seen. Their efficiency in dealing out death is unmatched. Silent, deadly and holding on to no remorse the Peacekeepers do their business as if they have little time to spare. They have excellent mobility on the battlefield but wear little armor and have a fairly short attack range. Their weapons are a combination of sword and dagger. Using the sword to inflict massive damage and defend when required. The dagger is then used in times when speed is more effective than damage. Get up close and finish the deal with speed.

The Peacekeeper Attacks and Moves

As we mentioned the art of controlling the Peacekeeper revolves around getting in the first strike and not letting up until victory is yours. The longer a fight goes on the more likely you will lose the upper hand. The Peacekeeper has 3 attack chains to use.

  • Twisting Blade – 2 Consecutive light attacks followed by a heavy attack.
  • Dervish Strikes – Light attack then a heavy attack.
  • Sword Dance – 2 Consectutive heavy attacks
  • Slipping Lunge – Guard Break while sprinting (not in Guard mode)
  • Deep Gouge – Heavy attack then light attack
  • Dashing Thrust – Forward dodge with heavy attack
  • Sidestep Strike – Dodge left or right combined with heavy attack
  • Stab – Perform Guard break then 3 light attacks (Applies bleed)
  • Riposting Stab – Light attack immediately after deflecting an enemies strike (applies bleed)

The bleed effect continues to damage your enemy after the strike has concluded. By landing strikes that apply bleed, Peacekeepers can attack and pull back while still hurting the enemy. This allows the Peacekeeper to stay out of lengthy hand to hand battles and concentrate on the quick strikes that they are accustomed to.

berserker for honorThe Berserker

Berserkers are the assassins of the Viking faction. They bring a slightly different approach to the assassin style of play by not being quite as “stealthy”. They do not however lack damage output. The Berserker is one of the hardest hitters in For Honor. They choose rather primitive but very effective hand axes as the weapons of choice. Their armor is virtually none existent as is their desire for defensive fighting. Personal safety was never on the cards for the Berserker. Its simply a case of dishing out as much damage as they can in a as little time as possible.

The Berserker Attacks and Moves

Only 2 attack chains are available for the Berserker. However the first attack chain “Dance of the paired blades” can become an infinite chain. After 4 strikes the attack chain becomes infinite and starts to cost less stamina per strike. If your enemy is not good at blocking the Berserker could be well on the way to a kill before they even get a strike in.

  • Dance of the Paired Blades – Light attack, then heavy attack OR heavy attack then light attack. Infinite combo.
  • Bear Mauler – 3 Consecutive heavy attacks.
  • Boar Rush – Heavy attack while sprinting (not in guard mode).
  • Head Slicer – Dodge forwards then perform a light attack.
  • Spin Chop – Dodge and perform light attack.
  • Head Crusher – When locked onto an enemy, dodge forwards and perform a heavy attack.
  • Slashing Rush – Left stick down + light attack + heavy attack.

Do not waste time when playing as the Berserker. Get in get the kill and get out. Harass the enemies but don’t stay in the battles too long. Use the infinite chains and big finishers before your enemies even know what to do. Berserkers have very low defense stats. To even mount any sort of defense the timing on the blocks has to be perfect as the berserkers defensive stance is held for a very limited time.

The OrochiFor Honor Orochi

The Orochi are the Samurai’s Assassin warriors. They are nimble and agile. They attack and then evade on coming strikes. They have excellent counter attacking capabilities. They are lightly armored and require stealth and evasion as a method of defense. The Orochi’s can be devastating but also a difficult character to learn and play as effectively. Not the character to start with as a beginner.

The Orochi Attacks and Moves

The Orochi use dodging and deflections to great effect. They anticipate and prepare a counter attack in fractions of a second. They have 3 attack chains to lead off the Orochi’s moveset.

  • Crosswind Slashes – 3 consecutive light attacks.
  • Lightning strikes Twice – 2 consecutive heavy attacks.
  • Tidal Wave Slashes – Heavy attack then 2 light attacks.
  • Crashing Wave – Heavy attack while sprinting (Not in Guard mode).
  • Riptide Strike – Step backwards then perform a top heavy attack.
  • Storm Rush – Dodge backwards then hold heavy attack.
  • Lightning Strike – Forward dodge then light attack.
  • Zephyr Slash – Dodge left or right then perform a light attack.
  • Wind Gust – Deflect an enemy attack then perform a light attack.
  • Hurricane Blast – Deflect an enemy attack then perform a heavy attack.

As you can see the Orochi’s moveset is very dependent on dodging and deflecting attacks. This character is not for charging in weapons flailing. Patience and expert timing are require to master the Orochi.

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