Final Fantasy XV Controls (Xbox One, PS4)

Final Fantasy XVCould you believe this is the 15th game in the Final Fantasy series. Thats not including any sequels, prequels and spin offs from the main series. This long running RPG has been hugely popular throughout the years since its original release in 1987 on the NES. It has since then made its way onto many consoles and hand held devices.

Although Final Fantasy is in its 15th edition some of the controls and the things that you have to control have varied so this guide will help you with the various controls required to master the game. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controls are provided here for the main characters and then for the Regalia and the Chocobo. Print out our handy controller diagrams and have these controls within easy reach while your playing

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Final Fantasy XV Controller Layouts (Click to enlarge)

Final Fantasy XV Xbox One controls  

Final Fantasy XV Controls

Action PlayStation Controls XBOX Controls
Move Left Thumb Stick Left Thumbstick xbox left thumb stick Left Thumbstick
Camera (look) xbob right thumb stick Right Thumbstick xbob right thumb stick Right Thumbstick
Select Weapon Dpad-down,dpad-left,dpad up Dpad-down,dpad-left,dpad up
Jump Cross A button
Sprint Circle (hold) B Button (hold)
Interact Cross A button
Attack Circle B Button
Warp Triangle Y button
Roll square X Button
Defend square (hold) X Button (hold)
Take Cover square (hold) X Button (hold)
Lock on enemy PS4 R1 Button Xbox Right Bumper
Item menu R2 right-trigger
Choose ally technique PS4 L1 button Left bumper
Main Menu Touchpad  View Button
Map Press xbob right thumb stick Press xbob right thumb stick
Pause ps4-options-button Xbox Menu Button

Regalia Controls

Action PlayStation Controls XBOX Controls
Point Warp Triangle (hold) Y button (hold)
Change Music D-Pad D-Pad
Pull Over Cross A button
U-Turn square X Button
Change Camera PS4 L1 button / PS4 R1 Button Left bumper / Xbox Right Bumper
Accelerate R2 right-trigger
Brake L2 playstation button
Reverse L2 playstation button (hold)  (hold)

Chocobo Controls

Action PlayStation Controls XBOX Controls
Sprint square X Button
Slide L2 playstation button
Trot R2 right-trigger
Halt L2 playstation button (hold)  (hold)

Final Fantasy XV Beginners Tips

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