Dying Light Controls – Xbox, PlayStation, PC

Dying light controlsDying light is a survival game with two very different parts to it. The game changes from daytime to night time and back again and you have to play differently between the two. In the daytime you search the open world play area for everything you can find, you are the hunter, scavenging your way through through the wasteland that a deadly epidemic has left behind. But when the night falls the infected creatures of the night come out and they are all after you. This guide will give you all the dying light controls you need to survive. Knowing the controls quickly might just save your life.

Dying Light offers up to a 4 player co-operative mode and a unique feature called the Night Hunter. The Night Hunter is a very powerful human controlled enemy that invades your game at night and hunts you down. Team up with your friends or go it alone against the worst nightmare in the game. The objective, survive until dawn. Survive for another day

Dying Light controls are fully customizable, as we mentioned before reaction times may be critical in this game so having your own set-up may be advisable, however below is the default list of controls for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. From these you can change the ones you don’t like by going to options, then controls. In here you can set up your own custom key bindings.

Dying Light Controls (Click Diagram to Enlarge)

dying light controls ps4dying light controls Xbox One
Action PlayStation Controls XBOX Controls PC Controls
Movement left-thumb Left Stick xbox left thumb stick Left Stick W/S/A/D
Look Right Thumb Stick Right Stick xbob right thumb stick Right Stick Mouse
Sprint left-thumb Left Stick (press) xbox left thumb stick Left Stick (press) Shift
Aim Right Thumb Stick Right Stick (Press) xbob right thumb stick Right Stick (press) Right Mouse Button
Attack R2 right-trigger Left Mouse Button
Jump r1 Right Bumper Space Bar
Crouch Circle B Button C
Reload square X Button R
Survivor Sense Cross A button Q
Use square X Button F
Repair Triangle Y button R
Look Back Triangle Y button B
Use Equipment L2 playstation button Left Trigger Middle Mouse Button
Kick l1 Left bumper E
Flashlight dpad-up dpad-up T
Heal Dpad-down Dpad-down H
Equipment Select dpad-left dpad-left 1
Weapon Select dpad-right dpad-right TAB
Game Menu(s)  Touch Pad x1-options-buttons I/L/M/U
Player Menu ps4-options-button X1-menu-button Not Assigned

Dying light control Tips

Check out the following video from BladeRunnerBlues who has some handy tips on starting out in the world of Dying Light

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