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d'vorah controls and moves list MKXD’Vorah is a half human, half insect fighter in Mortal Kombat X. She is a “Kytinn” a type of insect that lives in a human body. D’Vorah is under the allegiance of the outworld ruler Kotal Kahn. She has worked her way up in political power since her world was conquered by Shao Kahn. D’Vorah chose to the serve rather than become a slave and since then has become second in command under new ruler Kotal Kahn.

D’Vorah’s Variations

Venomous – In this Variation D’Vorah secretes a toxin from her skin and hands giving her the ability to poison the enemy while fighting. A great variation for the more defensive player who can still cause damage without the need for aggressive attacks

Brood Mother – The Brood Mother variation give D’Vorah the ability to call upon one of her insect minions, which will attack the opponent for her, this her the chance to get in close to the opponent while they are busy defending against the insect.

Swarm Queen – With the Swarm Queen variation, D’Vorah is constantly followed by a swarm of wasps who can lift the enemy into the air and also summon bug bombs to explode around them keeping the enemy at arms length for the battle.

D’Vorah’s Basic Attacks 

Action PS4 Controls XBOX One Controls
Back Swipe Triangle Y button
Hop Kick Left arrow + Cross Left arrow + A button
Jump Back Kick Jump, Circle Jump, B Button
Jump Back Punch Jump, Triangle Jump, Y button
Jump Front Kick Jump, Cross Jump, A button
Jump Front Punch Jump, square Jump, X Button
Lady Bug Up arrow + Cross Up arrow + A button
Low Claw Left arrow + square Left arrow + X Button
Low Ovipos swipe Down arrow + Circle Down arrow + B Button
Low Poke Down arrow + square Down arrow + X Button
Neutral jump Kick Up arrow + Cross Up arrow + A button
Neutral jump Punch Up arrow + square Up arrow + X Button
Overhead Heel right arrow + Cross right arrow + A button
Ovipos Poke Down arrow + Cross Down arrow + A button
Ovipos Strike right arrow + Triangle right arrow + Y button
Reaching Jab square X Button
Rising Wing Left arrow + Triangle Left arrow + Y button
RoundHouse Circle B Button
Snap Kick Cross A button
Sneaky Rush right arrow + square right arrow + X Button
Spin Kick right arrow + Circle right arrow + B Button
Throw (away) L1 Playstation Button Left bumper
Throw (towards) right arrow + L1 Playstation Button right arrow + Left bumper
Uppercut Down arrow + Triangle Down arrow + Y button
Vex Sweep Left arrow + Circle Left arrow + B Button

D’Vorah’s Special Moves 

Action PS4 Controls XBOX One Controls
Backward Air Throw Jump , Down arrow + L1 Playstation Button, Left arrow Jump , Down arrow + Left bumper, Left arrow
Forward Air Throw Jump , Down arrow + L1 Playstation Button Jump , Down arrow + Left bumper
Ovipositor Charge Down arrow, Left arrow + Circle Down arrow, Left arrow + B Button
Spawning Puddle Down arrow, Left arrow + square Down arrow, Left arrow + X Button
X-Ray L2 playstation button + r2 Left Trigger + right-trigger

D’Vorah’s Variation Attacks 

Action PS4 Controls XBOX One Controls
 Bug Burst Down arrowright arrow + square Down arrowright arrow + X Button
Poison Ovipositor Charge Down arrow , Left arrow + Circle Down arrow , Left arrow + B Button
Brood Mother
Bug Blast Down arrow, right arrow + square Down arrow, right arrow + X Button
Krawler Down arrow, right arrow + Cross Down arrow, right arrow + A button
Swarm Queen
 Vortex Swarm Down arrow, Left arrow + square Down arrow, Left arrow + X Button
Wasp Grenade Down arrow, right arrow + square Down arrow, right arrow + X Button

D’Vorah’s Combo Attacks 

Action PS4 Controls XBOX One Controls
Annihilate Left arrowTriangle , square Left arrow + Y button , X Button
Bad Tempered right arrow + square, square right arrow + X Button, X Button
Contamination right arrow + Circle, Circle right arrow + B Button, B Button
Corruption right arrow + Triangle, Triangle right arrow + Y button, Y button
Dragon Fly Left arrowsquare , Triangle Left arrow + X Button , Y button
Fatal Attraction right arrow + Cross , Circle, square + Cross right arrow + A button , B Button, X Button + A button
Final Blight Triangle , square , Triangle Y button , X Button , Y button
Firebug Triangle , square , Up arrow + Cross Y button , X Button , Up arrow + A button
Grass Hopper square , square , Cross X Button , X Button , A button
Little Prick square , square , Triangle X Button , X Button , Y button
Needles square , square X Button , X Button
OutBreak right arrow + Circle , Triangle right arrow + B Button , Y button
Pestilence right arrow + Cross , Circle right arrow + A button , B Button
Piercing Lift square , square , Left arrow + Triangle X Button , X Button , Left arrow + Y button
Plague Bearer Trianglesquare Y button, X Button
Praying Mantis Left arrowsquare , Circle Left arrow + X Button , B Button
Pterothorax right arrow + square , squareTriangle right arrow + X Button , X Button, Y button
The Scourge right arrow + Triangle , Triangle, Circle right arrow + Y button , Y button, B Button

D’Vorah’s Fatalities 

Action PS4 Controls XBOX One Controls
 Bug Me

Mid Distance

Left arrow , right arrow, Left arrow , Cross Left arrow , right arrow, Left arrow , A button
 Heart Broken

Close Distance

right arrow , Left arrow , right arrow , Triangle right arrow , Left arrow , right arrow , Y button

 D’Vorah’s Brutalities

Action PS4 Controls XBOX One Controls

Conditions – Must Have 50% or more health left, Final hit must be Ovipositor Charge, hold forward during charge

Down arrow,Left arrow  , Circle Left arrow , Down arrow , B Button
Fly Swatter

Conditions – Must perform a four hit combo ending in a backwards air throw

Down arrow , L1 Playstation Button, Circle Down arrow , Left bumper, B Button

Conditions – Brood Mother variation only, Must land 3 Krawler attacks, final hit must be a throw

L1 Playstation Button Left bumper
Bugg Zapper

Conditions – Swarm Queen variation only, Must stun opponent with bug bomb at screen distance, final hit must be from infestation.

Down arrow , Left arrow, square + r2 Down arrow , Left arrow, X Button + right-trigger
Acid Burn

Conditions – Venomous variation only, must complete a 9 hit bug spray attack, final hit must be from bug spray

Down arrow , right arrow , square + r2 Down arrow , right arrow, X Button + right-trigger

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