Dropshot – New game mode for Rocket League

Rocket League FeatureMarch 22nd will bring a new game mode to the much loved Rocket League. Dropshot is the new mode that pits the two teams on opposite sides of the arena defending lit up hexagons on the floor. The arena itself has been altered into a octagon shape. A new electrified ball destroys these panels on the floor if it hits them. One hit will make the panel glow, a second hit will destroy the panel and reveal a hole in the arena floor. Getting the ball into these holes scores your team a point (goal). The holes in the arena are only for the ball. Cars are able to drive over the holes as if it was the normal arena floor.

The twist comes with the fact that the ball gets more powerful the longer it is juggled in the air between the teams. The more powerful the ball becomes the more panels it destroys when it hits the floor.

To go along with the new game mode Psyonix will be releasing new painted bodies for the cars. New Rocket Trials to dazzle on the finishing replays and more achievements and trophies to go after.

Dropshot will be a free addition to rocket League, so no paid for DLC here. This is probably the most meaningful update to Rocket League to date. Previous updates and game modes have been a little cosmetic. Changing arena’s and the ball into a hockey puck. Dropshot however will make the players think of new tactics to use. Not only do you have to defend the floor instead of a goal now but also the fact the ball gets stronger will add some serious team play necessities.

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