COD Black Ops 3 – Multiplayer Beta

Well that time of year is approaching us again, the summer (what we had of it) is in its fading months and the hype turns to the annual release of the publishers big games. The FIFA’s and of course Call of Duty. This year we see Call of Duty race into the future will Black Ops 3. Traveling 50 years forward and looking at some of the advanced weaponry that we can only hope we never have to see in our real existence. Single player Call of duty has always been a decent enough game but at the same time a bit of an afterthought as the main reason its bought by the majority of players is the online multiplayer. Now the Multiplayer Beta is almost upon us, so what can we expect to see when we get our hands on the few days trial?


Firstly you will get access to 3 maps, “Hunted”, “Combine” and “Evac” and then on these maps you will be able to play 7 game modes, Team Deathmatch, Domination, Search and destroy, Kill confirmed, Capture the flag, Hardpoint and Demolition.

So a reasonable choice to be getting on with for a beta test. The game modes you will know about from previous versions of the game. The “Hunted” map is based around a hunters lodge located in the side of a mountain. “Combine” takes you a research facility in the Sahara Desert, and “Evac” is situated in an abandoned evacuation zone in a previously flooded city.

Remember in order to access the beta trial you will need to pre-order the game. Pre order now from

Beta Trial dates

Playstation 4 – August 19th – 23rd
Xbox One – August 26th – 30th

To check out some of the new weapons and player models and skins have a look at the multiplayer beta trailer below.

* Update *

A few more details about the beta trial have been revealed, about how you actually get your access to the closed beta, the size of the download and questions over the ability to carry over your stats to the full version of the game.

Firstly, as was stated above you will need to either have pre-ordered call of duty black ops 3 from a participating retailer or have pre purchased the game from the PlayStation or Xbox stores. This will give you a beta code which reserves your place in the beta trial. This is not the code however that you will need to use in order to access the trial. In order to access the trial you will need to enter your beta code at Once this is done you will receive a beta token. This is what you will be required to enter into the game to access the trial.

The download size is approximately 15GB, fairly hefty but the trial will be fully functional with high resolution graphics and stacks of content. Download times will be varied depending on the time of the download, server location and internet quality.

There had been a few whispers about the possibility of carrying over achievements and stats to the full version of the game if you were part of the multiplayer beta trial. It has been confirmed that this is not the case, all progress made in the beta trial will be re-set once COD : Black Ops 3 is officially released.

The multiplayer beta trial is conformed to be exactly that, there will be no trial version of the single player campaign or zombies mode in this trial. The beta is specifically focused on the multiplayer part of Black Ops 3.

Finally even though the trial only last for 5 days, there may be period of downtime for maintenance. As this is a beta trial bugs may exist in the game that will require maintenance. To stay up to date with any maintenance downtime follow the Treyarch Twitter feed

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